4 Tips for Formatting Your MS Word Document for Kindle

Great tips from Veronica 😀

Veronica Bale's Blog

Reading YodaSelf-publishing is a daunting career choice, isn’t it? Not only do you have to be the creative muse, the grunt and the marketing and promotion expert all at once, you have to be a formatting expert, too. Unfortunately, formatting is one of the most important parts of your job as a self-published author. It doesn’t matter how good your story is, or how well-written or how well-marketed, if the formatting makes your ebook unreadable, readers will bemoan this fact in their Amazon reviews.

Kindle is a reader-friendly device. It lets readers choose the font size they wish to see as well as the width of their reading plane (affecting the number of words per line). If you’re a KDP beginner, and you haven’t paid attention to some basic formatting rules when crafting your manuscript in MS Word, then Kindle will override your formatting in favour of the reader’s device settings. This…

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