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elysewebHi Everyone!

My name is Elyse and I absolutely love to write. All of my novels are fantasy thrillers – real life scenarios that are mixed with the fantastic. Some are YA, some are adult, some deal with special needs, but each of them has an element of fantasy for those interested in escaping for a bit from the reality of everyday life. Someone once asked me to write a memoir or straight chick lit, and I tried, but lo and behold something crazy and otherworldly always entered the books, so with me, fantasy is here to stay.

My first novel, FLYING TO THE LIGHT was published by Cool Well Press. It is a YA tale about a young deaf boy who knows about the afterlife and now people are after him for the answer. Now, right before book #2 in the series was launching, the company folded, so I was in a quandary. Try to publish it traditionally or with my huge social media base, self publish it? I decided to self publish it and get it back out to market. Book #2 in the series, FLYING TO THE FIRE was launched on August 30th. What most readers love about these books is that I don’t make my main character’s deafness a disability, but it is simply a part of who he is. Both novels are fast paced thrillers that make you look at the world in a different way.

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My other novels are a Dark Fantasy series about twins, magical realms and an evil pervading the universe. They are called THE WORLD OF KAROV and THE RUBY AMULET. My final published novel is an adult thriller called THE HUNT FOR XANADU which is about a girl on a mission to avenge the death of her parents, murdered on their quest to find the mythical world of Xanadu. This novel is steeped in Tibetan Buddhist spiritual mysteries and I have the sequel nearly finished.


Things about me that I think folks will find interesting? Well, I love to push my boundaries and take myself out of my comfort zone. I’m in a Gastronaut club which is a foodie group that meets once a month and eats “shock food.” Think huge land snails, goat’s head, tripe, brains, etc… we meet at great restaurants across all different types of ethnicities and try the foods that in their lands are normal. I have yet to make the “bug” dinner (which I will admit, does freak me out a bit). But it’s fun and all the people in this group have a very adventurous spirit and I love to be around that type of personality.

I adore gardening. Nothing makes me happier than when I come home from work and I can go in my garden and pick a zucchini. string beans, tomatoes, herbs and make a side dish.  I feel like I’m doing something good for both my family and the environment. At the present time, two spaghetti squash plants have taken over my garden and there’s a good chance we’ll be eating their produce into next year!

Other interesting tidbits? I can wiggle my ears, curl my tongue, I think bacon should be its own food group and I adore my boy/girl twins with a passion. Lastly, I have a ferret… and yes they are crazy and steal things and are the cutest things ever.



Genre – YA Fantasy Thriller

Seventeen year old Michael Anderson and his deaf kid brother, Danny, find themselves in mortal danger after their parents are kidnapped. Michael discovers Danny has a special gift—he knows what happens after a person dies—and now others want to know too. The brothers must outwit and outrun Samuel Herrington, a lethal biophysicist, the FBI, and even fellow Americans in a harrowing cross-country chase, because whoever gets to Danny first will have the power to rule the world.


Genre – YA Fantasy Thriller

An evil black mass has burst through Danny Anderson’s nightmares to attack him in broad daylight. If it weren’t for his birds, he would have died. Danny soon realizes that this monster is not coming for him, but for his little sister, Katie…because while he looks up to a place of light and peace, Katie looks down into realms of darkness and cruelty. Time is running out. The monster grows stronger with each attempt to steal Katie away to these dark dimensions, forcing Danny into the fight of his life to save his sister–before she is lost to him forever.

Here’s some ways to reach me if you’d like to chat about anything:


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