Working with book bloggers – an indie author’s guide

A great guide from Author Tracey Sinclair 😀


Dark Dates

This is an edited version of an old post, but it’s an issue I still see as vexing many indie authors in particular, as well as bloggers who get rightfully annoyed when they are spammed through sites like Goodreads and Twitter. So for what it’s worth, here are my tips.

One of the key ways to build word of mouth for your book is through the book blogging community: book bloggers not only tend to be enthusiastic about reading but also about spreading word of mouth, and will often post reviews across a number of forums, which can significantly boost the profile of your book. So how best to go about getting this exposure? Here are some handy tips – and some guidelines on what not to do!

Find a list of blogs: There are a number of ever-changing blogging directories out there, so I’d start by simply Googling…

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2 thoughts on “Working with book bloggers – an indie author’s guide

  1. Lots of good advice here!

    I’d like to add, too, that the Ape’s Author Resources Central is also a good place to find bloggers who are interested in helping you promote yourself and your book. 🙂



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