The Perfect List of Forms for Every Occasion

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Nicholas C. Rossis

Although I’m quite the romantic at heart, the engineer in me can’t help but marvel at the number of everyday drama that would have been avoided, if only people were made to fill certain forms. So, in my ever-lasting quest to help out my fellow authors dream  up a better world, I give you The Perfect List of Forms for Every Occasion (many thanks to Michelle Proulx for bringing it to my attention).

How to use them in your book

The story could start with a simple invitation: your hero’s presence is requested at a company event.

by Imgur by Imgur

The event turns out to be a surprise party thrown by his company to congratulate him on a job well done. The president herself expresses her appreciation.

by Imgur by Imgur

While there, he meets a stunning young woman, and is immediately smitten. So much so, that he promptly fills in the appropriate form:

by Imgur by Imgur


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