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Chris is so kind to give me the chance to be here because my writing career is hardly what you would call long and prolific. I haven’t even written a book, never mind had one published, although, as a young girl, I did once write a short story called ‘The Phone Call.’ I made a cover for it, illustrated it and everything but when I read it out to my family, they all laughed. To be fair, so did I, even though it was supposed to be a thriller!

The Phone Call - Short Story

Undaunted, I kept hold of my wild and crazy dreams of becoming a published author and I never let go of my love for writing, funny or not!

As the years flew by, as they do, and I got on with the ‘stuff of life’, I found some quiet moments in which to write a few poems, keep a journal or two and I even tried my hand at writing song lyrics, none of which ever made the light of day, I might add.

Then, wouldn’t you know it, at a time when it seemed that everything was going wrong in my life, the opportunity to write, seriously, came at me full-throttle. It was nerve-wracking at first but after one or two false starts, I got back into top gear and took off, at last, down that writing highway.

That was three years ago and I haven’t looked back, although I have had to slow down to a lower gear from time to time as life dictates, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

When I’m bashing out the words on my laptop, it is the only time when I think of nothing else, the only time that I know I’m doing what I should be doing and all I feel is the wind blowing through my hair as I ‘drive’ on.

Many times, when plagued with self-doubt, I remember that during those long years before I started seriously writing, without realising it, I was gathering a good amount of writing material. Then I grab back the self-belief that I really can do this thing! I might be a late-bloomer but I hope to encourage others that it really is never too late to find your writing path.

Writing, like life, is a risky journey but I am willing to take those risks. I might spin out a few times, but just maybe I will write something that others will enjoy along the way. Who knows, I might even write a proper thriller someday! As I keep saying to myself, not only is it better to be late than never, it is also better to have written something than not to have written anything at all.

Sherri Matthews 2014


Sherri Matthews’ Bio
Sherri has worked in both the legal and medical fields but her defining and most fulfilling career was that of full-time mum for many years to her three, now grown children. Widowed young, remarried twice more, Sherri has faced many challenges, both in her home country of England and in California, where she lived and raised her family for almost 20 years.

The call of the pen beckoned throughout but it wasn’t until 2011 when Sherri lost her job due to office closure and her daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome that she began to pursue her writing dream.

Now, while writing her first book***, Sherri writes articles, poetry, short stories and flash fiction, some of which have been published in national UK magazines (Prima and Your Cat). Two of her poems and a non-fiction story are due for publication in two anthologies this summer.

Sherri also writes on her blog, ‘A View From My Summerhouse’ and guest blogs for a variety of websites as a freelance writer.

Today, Sherri lives, writes, walks, gardens and takes endless photographs in the West Country of England, happily with her husband, daughter, two cats and a corn-snake called Charlie (her daughter’s, acquired after many years of persuasion).

***Memoir Book Blurb

You can connect with (and encourage) Sherri at:




20 thoughts on “Meet Guest (not yet published) Author Sherri Matthews

  1. Thank you very much Lockard, and yes, it is so wonderful to be able to write for the love of it. I am no stranger to fighting for my dreams so I’m armed and ready for battle – *she says optimistically* – and will do I can to accomplish them 😉 Many congratulations to you on your first book publication after so many years, how wonderful for you and inspiring for me 🙂

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  2. Hi Sherri. I can identify with what you are saying. It’s never too late to realize your dreams, but you sometimes have to fight to see them happen. I wrote my book in 1995, and was finally published in 2013. That being said, I have always written, and love to write, if for no one else, for me. After all we are our strongest critics.

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    • its very exciting when you first decide to really commit to it and do an entire book ! it was less than three years ago when i first did it and i remember it well ! What a BUZZ! and now i’m putting out a sneak preview of my finished second one today . YAY! being a writer is just like having a giant bag of potato chips, its true! your fingers are always franticlly digging around, always hunting for something you cant quite get a grip on and you are mumbling and cursing determined to get every last bit ! and of course, you cant stop at just one, plus you sit around all the time apparently doing nothing as far as the rest of the world is concerned getting sweaty and all sticky and greasy! LO L So im off for a bubble bath now! i’ve been up writing two days! Best wishes my dear and if you want someone to ever take a quick look-see over anything just give me a shout! i never mind at all! I live to talk shop LOL

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        • this is the best Part lol Going out and getting a cute notepad and fresh pencils and doing first draft that doesn’t even feel like work it just falls ff you pen onto the page because you are so excited about it because you’ve had the same story going round and round in your head for years just, percolating away in the background and you just can wait to wake up and get back to work! It’s the honeymoon phase though and it may last two weeks or two years and could vanish at a moments notice so don’t waste a min of it! Write and write and write day and night and hopefully you will have a couple fairly decent finished first drafts to agonize over the next few years. WHEN THE FALL COMES LOL then you will be singing a different tune.

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          • And the fall will come, no one escapes it. When the adrenaline and excitement of the first draft just wear off all at once and you realize you are completely drained dry and exhausted to the bone in a house you haven’t cleaned in a year and you have to start the GASP the dreaded task of begining,,,,, duhn duhn duhn REWRITING LOL

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