7 things that can help your book

Nicholas C. Rossis

JudgeACoverThere is a lot of writing advice out there for authors, to help with anything from pacing to vocabulary.  I recently came across a post by Ashley LaMar titled 7 Things your Readers Want to See in your Books, which I appreciated for including some of the things I find particularly important to a good book.

Here is a brief summary of her points, along with my comments:

  • A thrilling opening paragraph.  A lot of advice stresses the importance of the first sentence, but this can be misleading.  It is the whole paragraph rather than the first sentence that will tell you whether a book will be good or not.
  • Don’t tell the reader everything.  Let a little mystery persist, at least at the beginning.  Present facts, but don’t explain from the start how things ended up that way.  That way, the reader will get hooked to the…

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