Traditional Versus Indie Publishing

AUTHORS – Learn to CHILL and just ENJOY what you do – IF you become one of the few MILLIONAIRE AUTHORS – treat that as a BONUS 😀

Jo Robinson

It’s amazing how much spam builds up here when you’re not around for a bit. What the heck are raspberry ketones, and why so keen to spam me up with them? Anyway. Day two of my four day holiday, and my plan is to make a vat of chilli sauce and prune my petunias. I’m having way too much free time to ponder though, so I might just get back to work instead. I’ve been pondering my need to do everything myself all the time. I definitely have control issues. I don’t like being in any situation where someone other than me gets to decide what happens in my life these days. Sometimes these things are unavoidable, but I still don’t like them. That’s probably why I’m an Indie writer, and proud of it. I’ve never sent out a query letter, I never will send out a query letter, and…

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