Meet Professional Editor Dennis De Rose

 Dennis De Rose

Greetings Readers, Writers and Publishing Others, Dennis De Rose @ Moneysaver Editing here.

What I do…

I have been editing primarily fiction for five years. My genre include adventures, mysteries, urban, poetry, YA,satire,romance, fantasy, children’s,some non-fiction (dream,political,rehab lit.)


My Editing Birth…

Moneysaver Editing was born about five years ago. A wonderful lady contacted me and asked me to help her edit a children’s story she wrote about a horse. I told her I wasn’t an editor. She wanted me to try my best so I offered to edit her story for free. I felt I could not take any money since I had no editing experience. She agreed on one condition, that I allow her to send me $5 for my trouble. Well, I agreed and she loved my edit. A few months later, I decided to try my hand at writing free reviews for authors. I decided to search the internet to find a free book review site. I found one. I contacted the owner, DEB GAYNOR. She was very nice, we talked and she decided to send me one book to read and review for her. I read the book, an adventure story, and she loved my review. So I read another book for her and she loved that review. She told me that my reviews were fantastic and asked me if I would edit all of her reviews for her. We struck a deal-she offered to send my wife and I to the next R.F. convention in Las Vegas, all expenses paid, except for meals. It was a deal I could not refuse.

Then I read another book for her and decided to take it a step further. I noted all the errors I found in the already-published book and asked Deb to send them to the author. She agreed. Boy was he angry, not at me; he was mad at his publisher.

After he got over the shock, he contacted me and asked me to edit his next book. I was elated, so naturally I agreed.

I had progressed from editing a children’s story for $5 to editing a full-length fiction for much more than $5. He loved my edit and Moneysaver slowly began to grow. It has been 5 years since I edited that horse story and I am beginning my 38th edit.


My Business Plan….

First and foremost, I won’t let you down. My work with you will be done only when you feel satisfied with what we have accomplished. I said we, not me. You and I, hopefully, will become a writing TEAM, working together to help each other.

I promise you that I will not change or alter anything you have painstakingly written, without asking you first. You wrote it, not me.

I do not charge by the word, I charge by the hour. I use voice recognition software to speed up the process and save you money. This way, if you’re a good writer, you will benefit by saving money.

I am an all-around editor, from the proofreading stage to your final edit . We will come up with a payment plan together. I will edit your manuscript once. You will pay me in full and then I will do a final edit, for a much lower fee. This plan is not set in stone; it may vary from manuscript to manuscript based on certain factors.


Moneysaver’s Marketing Minutia Museletter…

About a year ago, I realized that one of the hardest things for a writer to do was to market themselves and/or their books. I decided to begin looking for good quality marketing information and sending it to interested writers. I thought of a name, Minutia, and started to find interested writers and publishing others that might like my information. I now send my newsletter, which I call a Museletter, to over 500 writers and others in the publishing communications industry about twice a month. All I need is your e-mail address and I will be glad to include you as a recipient. I do this FREE of charge because I believe it’s important to give back. So for me, I guess you might say it’s not about just editing, it’s about going the extra mile. It’s just my way of “doing the right thing”.


Odds and Ends…

I enjoy blogging about things that are important to me and you can find those musings on my Authorsden website. I am currently working on a short story, The Diary of a Six-Year-Old. That’s a lot of fun, it’s about the funny things my grandson Mikey says and does. But, it’s a secret so don’t let the cat out of the bag, ok? Many people have said that I go the extra mile and to that end I also contribute my opinions to my editing clients. Those opinions pertain to book formatting, ways to market their book or books, cover design, cover blurbs and other important pages within a manuscript. I believe it’s important to communicate very closely with clients. I believe it’s very important to develop a close professional relationship with clients; some of them I now consider my friends and that’s a good thing. Above all, may God bless you in everything you do…

Dennis De Rose

Moneysaver Editing

“We’re not done until you’re happy!”



4 thoughts on “Meet Professional Editor Dennis De Rose

  1. Thank you so much. That looks fantastic. I really appreciate the write-up. Anything you need, just ask me.

    Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing



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