Meet Professional Editor Dennis De Rose

 Dennis De Rose

Greetings Readers, Writers and Publishing Others, Dennis De Rose @ Moneysaver Editing here.

What I do…

I have been editing primarily fiction for five years. My genre include adventures, mysteries, urban, poetry, YA,satire,romance, fantasy, children’s,some non-fiction (dream,political,rehab lit.)


My Editing Birth…

Moneysaver Editing was born about five years ago. A wonderful lady contacted me and asked me to help her edit a children’s story she wrote about a horse. I told her I wasn’t an editor. She wanted me to try my best so I offered to edit her story for free. I felt I could not take any money since I had no editing experience. She agreed on one condition, that I allow her to send me $5 for my trouble. Well, I agreed and she loved my edit. A few months later, I decided to try my hand at writing free reviews for authors. I decided to search the internet to find a free book review site. I found one. I contacted the owner, DEB GAYNOR. She was very nice, we talked and she decided to send me one book to read and review for her. I read the book, an adventure story, and she loved my review. So I read another book for her and she loved that review. She told me that my reviews were fantastic and asked me if I would edit all of her reviews for her. We struck a deal-she offered to send my wife and I to the next R.F. convention in Las Vegas, all expenses paid, except for meals. It was a deal I could not refuse.

Then I read another book for her and decided to take it a step further. I noted all the errors I found in the already-published book and asked Deb to send them to the author. She agreed. Boy was he angry, not at me; he was mad at his publisher.

After he got over the shock, he contacted me and asked me to edit his next book. I was elated, so naturally I agreed.

I had progressed from editing a children’s story for $5 to editing a full-length fiction for much more than $5. He loved my edit and Moneysaver slowly began to grow. It has been 5 years since I edited that horse story and I am beginning my 38th edit.


My Business Plan….

First and foremost, I won’t let you down. My work with you will be done only when you feel satisfied with what we have accomplished. I said we, not me. You and I, hopefully, will become a writing TEAM, working together to help each other.

I promise you that I will not change or alter anything you have painstakingly written, without asking you first. You wrote it, not me.

I do not charge by the word, I charge by the hour. I use voice recognition software to speed up the process and save you money. This way, if you’re a good writer, you will benefit by saving money.

I am an all-around editor, from the proofreading stage to your final edit . We will come up with a payment plan together. I will edit your manuscript once. You will pay me in full and then I will do a final edit, for a much lower fee. This plan is not set in stone; it may vary from manuscript to manuscript based on certain factors.


Moneysaver’s Marketing Minutia Museletter…

About a year ago, I realized that one of the hardest things for a writer to do was to market themselves and/or their books. I decided to begin looking for good quality marketing information and sending it to interested writers. I thought of a name, Minutia, and started to find interested writers and publishing others that might like my information. I now send my newsletter, which I call a Museletter, to over 500 writers and others in the publishing communications industry about twice a month. All I need is your e-mail address and I will be glad to include you as a recipient. I do this FREE of charge because I believe it’s important to give back. So for me, I guess you might say it’s not about just editing, it’s about going the extra mile. It’s just my way of “doing the right thing”.


Odds and Ends…

I enjoy blogging about things that are important to me and you can find those musings on my Authorsden website. I am currently working on a short story, The Diary of a Six-Year-Old. That’s a lot of fun, it’s about the funny things my grandson Mikey says and does. But, it’s a secret so don’t let the cat out of the bag, ok? Many people have said that I go the extra mile and to that end I also contribute my opinions to my editing clients. Those opinions pertain to book formatting, ways to market their book or books, cover design, cover blurbs and other important pages within a manuscript. I believe it’s important to communicate very closely with clients. I believe it’s very important to develop a close professional relationship with clients; some of them I now consider my friends and that’s a good thing. Above all, may God bless you in everything you do…

Dennis De Rose

Moneysaver Editing

“We’re not done until you’re happy!”




  1. Thank you so much. That looks fantastic. I really appreciate the write-up. Anything you need, just ask me.

    Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing



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