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Glyn SmithI’m a British novelist. I was born in a large army camp in Yorkshire. My father spent thirty four years of his life in the Royal Tank Regiment, and he happened to be stationed in Catterick when I made my entrance.

Most of my formative years were spent in London where I attended Emanuel School which was much too good a school, and was utterly wasted on me much to my father’s chagrin.

I moved from London to England’s West Country when my first marriage fell apart, and have been there ever since. I currently live with my wife, Sue, my son (and a great mate) Stephen, and a somewhat neurotic border collie called Faith.Sanctuary

I started writing very late in life. After I retired from a busy life helping small and medium size businesses with their finances, I found myself at a very loose end. A fellow dog-walker suggested I try something artistic, but artistic prowess was zilcho. I could hardly draw a bath! Next she suggested writing. Writing what?

But I gave it a go. Facing a blank screen was daunting in the extreme, but then my characters arrived on the scene, and suddenly I was writing – and couldn’t stop. I had a new parallel existence and I loved it. Many was the time that I was woken during the night and told by one or other of my characters “I wouldn’t have said that” or “I would never do that!” and when I went back to the script, I realised that they were almost always right.

ReckoningI never plan a book, I let it run with the story, and the people concerned in it. It seems to work for me. The only exception to that statement is the final part of the Ben Coverdale Trilogy. This time I had to work towards a suitable ending, but even so, I was taken by surprise by how it actually ended.

All three books have been self-published by a business that I owned – OBS Publishers.

I love where I live on the Jurassic coast , close to the coastlines of Devon and Cornwall, and I spend as much time as I can just walking and taking in the beauty of this area.

So, about the books. It is a continuing story of love and frustration on the part of Ben Coverdale, who’s love life crashes around his feet when the ‘love of his life’ announces one day that she is leaving him to live with another man, Donald, who is old enough to be her father.Repercussions

Ben is distraught, but takes the opportunity to fulfil a dream that he has had for many years of moving to and living in France, hoping that he can leave his disappointments behind him and start a new chapter. However, the peace and tranquillity he hoped for doesn’t last for long. He receives a strange message from an old flame. She told him that she had been abducted and whilst she didn’t know where she was, asked him to get her out the mess she was in.

Ben discovered where she was, and by some intriguing plans, rescued her and took her back to his new home in France.

Mary, meanwhile, realised that she had made a monumental mistake by moving in with Donald, and the story now becomes a battle between Ben and Donald. Not now a romantic battle, but a battle to stay alive. Donald pulls out all of his evil stops to get his way, while Ben struggles to stay one step ahead of him.

From Kimberley South Africa to a gritty part of Paris, then to the contrasting beauty of the the Loire Valley, the reader is taken on a twisting journey where danger lurks around every corner.


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One thought on “Meet Guest Author Glyn Smith-Wild

  1. Great to meet you Glyn, from a fellow Brit, late-bloomer writer living near The Jurassic Coast! Wishing you every success with your writing – Sherri 🙂



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