Meet Guest Author Stephanie Crosbie…


Stephanie CrosbyHi I’m Stephanie Crosbie. I enjoy turning ugly things to beautiful ones.

I am inspired by the works of Eager Alan Poe(Oh who didn’t love The Crow?) and enjoy using my life experiences of love, ex-friends, ex-boyfriends and crushes to create stories that readers can connect.

Stephanie Crosby 2I feel that I might as well take advantage of my experiences and heartaches and turn them into beautiful stories and books. Sadly I’ve had my share of exes and I wanted to share my experiences with others. Besides I’m awesome because I’m me damn it lol!

I’m also pretty awesome because I watch sports, and I know whats going on during the game lol I can’t help that, its my parents fault lol

I am a movie nut! I love sports, American Football is my favorite! Yes I count pro wrestling as a sport. I get inspiration for my characters from pro wrestling.

TLVAMainly, I wrote my book ‘The Last Virgin Alive’ because I got tired of my friends telling me their stories about their boyfriends so I wrote a story of my own. 
At first I was considered at Windy City Publishers but that didn’t work out. My sister suggested that I should try Amazon.
Facebook played a HUGE part in this story. Considering I’ve gotten my charters inspired by my FB friends.

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