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My name is James W. McAllister. I am a Respiratory Therapist with extensive ICU, Home Care, and Management experience. I currently work in Healthcare Accreditation as a Field Surveyor for The Joint Commission.

TUThis work requires a lot of travel. To pass time, I read ebooks. A few years ago, several stories began forming in my imagination. So, I began writing instead of reading. My first book, THE BEST LAID PLANS, Birth of the Starclan, was published in June 2013. My second, a collection of short stories, was also publish that June. My third book, THE PAGE The Year of the Dragons, was published in February 2014.

I wrote THE BEST LAID PLANS to get the story finished. I had the idea for it and the prequel, THE TURRET, for some time. One day, I just began writing. THE PAGE was not one of my original ideas. he idea of the story was inspired by the Christmas Carol, Good King Wenceslas. I began writing it when my writing of THE BEST LAID PLANS stalled.

TBLPTHE BEST LAID PLANS follows the adventures of Admiral Angus MacAlister. Humanity had been invaded twice by alien races, the most recent about 300 years ago. The United Star Force was created to prevent further attacks. But  as mankind spread among the nearby stars, no other intelligent life was discovered. Over time, the USF became sloppy and corrupted.

Over his career, the admiral has transformed the United Star Force from a sloppy, corrupt force into an efficient and honorable service. He has planned to retire in two weeks, with a big reception on Earth. 

His retirement has certain politicians and elites worried. The admiral has earned intense loyalty from his command, and is an popular public figure, an icon for clearing out corruption. Some elites want Angus to join their political party. Some have other solutions in mind.

And now a remote survey ship is missing.

THE BEST LAID PLANS was named a Runner-Up in the MARSocial Author of the Year Competition in February 2014.

TPTHE PAGE tells the story of the page, Padraig Ualas, a war orphan in post Arthurian Alba around 500A.D. He is raised by a reluctant King, a Hero of old, to follow the Arthurian Way. 

Now the King is overdue. Padraig’s search brings him to a small village. There he learns his place among Heroes and Legends, as he battles a trio of dragons. One dragon escapes, carrying off a maiden. 

Thus begins Padraig’s quest. It carries him far and wide, soon becoming much more important than saving a lone maiden. Along the way, Padraig and his companions battle against untenable odds while experiencing miracles and tragedies.

The Turret, sequel to The Best Laid Plans was released on 8th of this month

TURRETfull3It has been generations since the Earth survived the alien invasion. Politicians have cast a greedy eye on the funding of unused defenses, eyeing the reallocation of the funds as an path to reelection.

Young Jock MacAlister’s life long dream comes true with his assignment to ADS 1437, the last operational Asteroid Defense Station.

The capture of an alien scout vessel changes everything. Jock is thrust into a prominent role in planning Earth’s defense. He must overcome personal tragedy, political corruption, and devastating treachery to build the forces needed to save the Earth.

Along the way, something unexpected takes root, something crucial to Humanity surviving as a greater struggle between good and evil follows Humanity to the stars.

I never would have imagined I would be writing books. In school my interests were sports, girls, science, and math. Just to add a little irony to it, the editor of THE PAGE was the runner-up to me in our high school math awards. Now we both deal with words.

I almost went into the Air Force out of high school, but my eyesight wasn’t good enough to be a pilot. That’s a good thing, because about I started dating my wife while we worked on a high school reunion.

I started reading science fiction in junior high, when a friend lent me E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith’sTRIPLANETARY. I was hooked.

James W. McAllisterForbidden Planet is my favorite scifi movie. It’s the foundation for Star Trek, as much as Asimov’s Foundation series served as such for Star Wars. Others I enjoy are Star Trek The Wrath of Khan, Robinson Caruso on Mars, and the Babylon 5 series. My favorite movie of all time is On The Waterfront. Not scifi, but a very powerful performance by everyone in the cast.

I live in Central New York State, about 9 miles southwest of Syracuse. I was born and raised in Syracuse’s Skunk City. I played football in high school, college, and semi-pro with The Salt City Aces. My wife and I wed in 1980, and we have two wonderful sons. One is an accountant, the other is a Pastor.

My hobbies and interests include sports, gardening, fishing, history, and scale model building.

Thank you for your interest.

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