6 Reasons Why Writers Need To Stop Bloody Whining

OK all you high flying author friends of mine – does this article have a point or not?
Answers to Tara (and PLEASE keep them wholesome – any bullying will be severely dealt with by you know who) 🙂

Tara Sparling writes

I like to write. Please give generously Hey, you! I want to be a full-time writer. Please give generously

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about earnings in the arts – or to be precise, the lack of them. This article from The Guardian is particularly whiny. It literally does depict an author in his garret. If it weren’t for electricity, you might imagine him setting his fingerless gloves on fire whilst trying to light his candle stubs.

Apparently, we are supposed to be sorry for the literary fiction writer who wants to write full-time, but can’t make a living from writing alone. Now, I had a mild dig at this before – but I’m in a different mood today.*

There are 3 types of writerly whinging, coming from both published and unpublished authors, and 2 of them need to be outlawed immediately. (When I am President of the World, it will be my second directive; right after I institute compulsory halitosis…

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2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Writers Need To Stop Bloody Whining

  1. My withers were wrung for the poor chap. Fancy having to give up his rented studio (annual charge probably about £ 500 per square foot according to a documentary i saw this week) and add an extension to his home. Average cost of a house in London is what, £ 400,000 ? £ 500,000? Doesn’t it make your heart bleed in sympathy?

    Sell his house and move to the country and retire is my advice to him! Then he can write to his heart’s content without worrying about money. Unlike the rest of us.



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