Guest Author Kevin Morris


The city of Liverpool is famous for being the birth place of The

Beatles but the group pale into insignificance when one bears in mind

that it is privileged to have as one of it’s former inhabitants my

good self, Kevin Morris. Actually they expelled me on pain of death

and I now live in London but don’t tell anyone!


My short story, Samantha is set in the city of my birth. Samantha

tells the story of a young girl forced into prostitution by her brutal

pimp, Barry. Throughout Samantha it is touch and go as to whether Sam

will survive or end her brutalised existence in the murky waters of

Liverpool’s Albert Docks. By day the docks are a magnet for tourists

with Liverpool’s Maritime Museum, trendy restaurants, shops and bars

all bussling with activity. However, come the darkness of night the

place is deserted, the sound of the river Mersey lapping against the

harbour walls being the only interruption to the profound silence

which engulfes the docks.

Apart from the docks, other prominent Liverpool landmarks feature in

Samantha. At one juncture Sam visits Woolton Woods which trace their

origins to Saxon times. The beauty of the woods help, for a brief

period to soothe Sam’s troubled heart. I have happy memories of

collecting acorns with my grandfather in those self-same woods and of

taking conkers home to harden in drawers. I, like Sam have found

solace in this tranquil spot.


My story, The First Time also deals with the subject of prostitution.

In The First Time Becky, a young graduate with a first class degree in

English literature, becomes a professional escort in order to clear

her debts. Unlike Samantha, Becky is not confronted by a brutal pimp

compelling her to become a prostitute. One might argue however that

she is coerced by the dire financial situation in which Becky finds

herself to sell her body in order to survive. The First Time is not

erotic, rather it explores the psychological effects of prostitution

on Becky and her fellow escort and friend Julie. As an author I don’t

see it as being my role to pass moral judgements on sex work or other

matters, rather I describe people who are placed in extremely

difficult situations and how they respond to them. In my opinion it is

not the role of the author to ram morality down their reader’s

throats. That does not mean that I am morally neutral on the issue of

sex work, merely that I choose so far as is humanly possible to let

the people in The First Time and Samantha speak for themselves. It is

up to my readers to form their own judgements on prostitution and the

other issues explored in my books. Ultimately I write because I enjoy

doing so not out of any desire to change the world (although I do hold

opinions but, as I said above it is not my role to beat my readers

over the head with them).

In addition to Samantha and The First Time, I have published several

collections of short stories: Sting In The Tail, An Act of Mercy and

Street Walker And Other Stories.


I hope you enjoy my books.

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