Meet Guest Author Kim Defforge…

Kim Defforge

How Do Dreams Come True?

Everyone has a story to tell, so what’s mine? Well, my story idea started many years ago, but more specifically, during a three-month stay in Paris, which would be soon coming to an end. I remember walking on the Champs Elysées and thinking that working and living in Paris would someday be just a wonderful memory of a dream come true. I had always enjoyed writing and had been logging daily entries in my travel journal, mainly as a way to remember the details of living my life dream. But then, I suddenly had a thought: why not write a book?

After returning to the U.S., I steadfastly wrote a few chapters, then put the draft manuscript aside. After all, personal and professional daily life took precedence, interrupted with rare, second-long thoughts of needing to finish my book……perhaps, some day. Fast forward to now – sixteen years later – a long, but valuable, period of time that fortuitously provided alternate life paths, rich content, and a surprising ending to the original story.

Solitary Desire – One Woman’s Journey to France” is a story of a woman in love with all things French, who accomplishes her dreams through hard work and determination – driven by the overwhelming desire to be whom, and where, she was meant to be. Narrated with amusing candor, I’ll take you along on my journey of life events that weave an emotional tapestry, from adolescent imagination to adult life situations. My true story of a life dream’s twists and turns, and the courage to follow them, to reach my solitary desire.

I have also published a French Riviera travel focus book (e-book and paperback), titled “Sun, Sea & Savoir-Faire,” and an e-book “How To Write Your First Book.” I am currently working on a family/kids travel focus e-book and have more writing projects in mind – so, stay tuned to 24/7 in France!

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Solitary Desire

Sun, Sea, & Savoir-Faire

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Solitary Desire

Sun, Sea, & Savoir-Faire

How To Write Your First Book

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2 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Kim Defforge…

  1. Excellent post & guest Author interview Chris. And very nice to meet you Kim & learn about you & your book. We just stopped over at youtube & watched the video as well which was beautiful!! We also have 3 trailers of our books on youtube & have found them very successful with book sales. We’re spending the next few months before the new year, reading books of fellow authors & reviewing them. But as soon as we empty our Kindle, we have already added your books to our must read & will be picking them up. Looking forward to great reads! And once again Chris, excellent meet & greet!



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