AUTHORS – Did you know?


Did you know that you can share your articles on this blog MORE THAN ONCE?

It’s true!

All you need to do is go to TSRA’s Hall of Fame section, find your name on the list, click on it to be taken to your article, then get busy using the share buttons!

The same applies to your book(s) if they are in my blog bookcases!

So next time you wish for some more publicity, just follow the above directions and promote yourself and your book(s) from time to time 🙂

“Ah hah” I hear you exclaim, “How much publicity is too much?”

There is no simple answer to that question, however, I can tell you that too much sharing very quickly feels like spamming and you do not want to do that.  For example, I know of one author who has been posting his book publicity into several Facebook Groups several times per day, for weeks, relentlessly, (one day I counted his promo in the same 5 groups 6 times per group!!!)

THAT, in my opinion, is spamming and liable to put readers off getting the book, I know I won’t be getting it!

I’d recommend you share your article once per week, on different days and at different times, for 7 weeks, then take 3 week break before sharing again for 7 weeks and so on.

Using different days and times each week increases your chances of reaching a different audience each time, especially on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Groups.  People like to know about other people, it’s part of the human psyche.  As an author, readers will be especially interested.

Regarding your books, try once per day, at different times each day, for 28 days, then take a break for a few days to take stock and assess how it may have improved your book sales by going over the sales results for the entire promo period.

Sales are noticeably up?  Great!  Leave it for at least 2 weeks and repeat the 28 day programme again.

Absolutely NO sales?  I’m afraid you need to rethink your books appeal, is it the cover, the synopsis, the editing (or lack of editing) or even – shudder – the story?

Check out the reviews that have been made, learn from them, make any necessary corrections, then get some more reviews using a free read for review system through Goodreads, or your own website / blog, (DO NOT  publicize this all over the place) the purpose is to see if the new reviews indicate an improved product, if the answer is YES, then start your 28 day promo again.  If the answer is NO, make the necessary corrections and repeat the free read for review process again.  Avoid using the same reviewers each time!

OK, now I’ve made it easier for you to promote yourself as much as you like.

So, save this article for future reference and …..

TRY IT!!!!



4 thoughts on “AUTHORS – Did you know?

    • Hi Kharis,

      If you email me full details and links to assess your book I can maybe display it in my blog bookcase.
      You can send me an article about yourself and your book, as a Guest Author – see my Contact Me section 🙂



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