The Ape goes APE!!!!


The end of October (Halloween) is fast approaching and I regret to announce that I have only four (FOUR) Author postings for November and two of those are by curtesy of my good friend  

Andrew Buckley !!!!

WHY IS THIS – HAS THE APE BEEN ASLEEP?” I hear muted screams coming from deep within the Jungle of Modern Literature.

Well – No actually. It seems to be because Indie Authors are becoming discouraged and dispondent and are retreating into their shells, actively avoiding publicity about themselves and their books – it’s almost as if they are ashamed of calling themselves Indie or Self-published authors.


Well – Yes actually, but something seems to have gone wrong somewhere.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAVE GONE WRONG APE?” the gathering crowd roars.

I don’t know exactly – after all, I’m only and Ape with a blog who is trying to help promote them – free – at my own cost because I value them and their works and think it would be a great shame if there were no more new storys to be told and heard.

It might also be because – dare I say it – well – maybe – YES – I WILL say it.

It might be because there are too many people publishing their stories without thoroughly checking and correcting any errors in them and these books are flooding the market.


Well – spelling is one, correct word usage is another (eg, weight and wait, site and sight, that sort of thing), grammatical incorrectness (especially in translations, translators seem to use language dictionaries or Google, but have no real understanding of the different ways a phrase or word can be used), a surge in the more sensational type tome (Erotica, Bloodlust, Perversions, Terrorism, Blood and lots and lots of graphically described Gore).

I think books appear to be going down the same road as the virtual games kids (and many adults) are playing these days. Certain Movies and TV programmes are getting to be the same.

I also think that Governments all over the world are so deeply involved in preventing the total collapse of National and World Economies and are making budget cut backs in all the services that are necessary to uphold the quality of life, that they are actually endangering their societies – voters and upcoming voters if you will – by cutting back on things like Libraries, Art Galleries, Museums, Refuse Collection, Education, Kindergartens, etc.

LIBRARIES WE CAN SEE WHAT YOU MEAN – BUT THE OTHER THINGS – HOW SO? OH GREAT, WISE AND BIG MOUTHED APE?” the voices question in unison from every direction.

Because they all affect how Society – or as I prefer to call them – People – feel about themselves and others around them. For example, if people are too worried about where their next meal is coming from, or how they are going to pay the looming Bills, are they going to sit down and read a book, or go to an Art Gallery, or Museum? Are they going to read to their children and help them learn to enjoy and love reading or understand what Art means (apart from being things that hang on walls, or are even, part of the walls)? Are they going to relax in a Museum and dream of what life was like in the days when the artifacts they are looking at, were new?  Imaginations are going stale or calcifying and in danger of joining the fossils of long extinct creatures.

WHAT SHOULD WE DO ABOUT IT – OH REVOLTING ONE?” the throng cries, (slightly out of synchronisation because of the time lapse due to the vastness of the said throng).

Answers please in the comments box below this rant-like article (unless you are an author who would like to come back out of your shell, in which case, go to my Contact Me section and see what I’d like to get from you and how to send it to me) 🙂


51 thoughts on “The Ape goes APE!!!!

  1. Chris, my friend, you hit the nail on the head! There are just too many books out there and some that are in dire need of editing. It is extremely important that we authors work hard to make our books the best they can be.

    I am an author and copy editor and can’t help myself when I read any book I edit it as I read. When I find something that needs editing I let the author know ASAP as a courtesy. If anyone needs an editor please contact me at for more info.

    Contact Chris who is doing all this for all of us. Please help him out. You will not find a nicer, sweeter and more giving person (ape) in any jungle! Thank you, dear Chris, for all that you do and for your giving and unselfish nature! Bananas are on their way to your part of the jungle soon! Xo


  2. I have no wish to go the Indie route (I take it that by indie you mean independent/self-publishing) because Imore people read my poetry blog (or is that Indie?) than would ever read anything I published on paper.

    I am in heartfelt agreement about bad spelling/grammar, clichés and solecisms in much self-published work, but if you read some of the classics on Kindle, you will see that whoever prepares them for e-reading is not going to win any prizes considering the number of typos I find.

    Thanks for following my blog!


  3. I’ve done my best, Mr Tree Swinger, honest. Brought out a second edition since a lady reader pointed out that King John was not the monarch who expelled England’s Jews. That leaves me with the argument about which arrow-head was most effective at piercing armour – I’ve disagreed with Bernard Cornwell and Leeds Royal Armouries on that one. How long before those institutions get in touch?
    Writing stories is a tough business and does not buy the bread – Three sales in 5 days and I wander around the garden whistling.
    I go to my workshop, fire an enamel onto copper in one hour, and the art gallery pays me more than the novel earns in two months.

    I’m still writing though,
    ‘Tis a fine thing you do,
    Mr Simian, even so.


  4. So very well done! It does worry us writers who do check and re-check etc etc because we are so afraid of little mistakes that plunge us amongst those that show no care. It can be daunting…I’m frightened to death that someone will find a huge mistake I’ve seemingly overlooked in my work. There you go, I’ve said it!


  5. I couldn’t agree more about there being too many books out there littered with errors. You need to spend money to make money right and proofreading and editing are really important.


  6. Okay, many other folks have asked the serious questions, so I’m gonna asked the fun ones.
    Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you go Trick-or-treating with Jojo? 😀


  7. I am one of the hobby writers. I’m not up to standard for writing publishing quality material but what keeps me from pushing myself is self-publicity. I am not physically able to promote anything I might write. I don’t understand e-publishing and got stung big time by one particular publisher of an e-anthology. Completely deflated my confidence!
    Any way just wanted to say I know where you’re coming from oh mighty APE (even if I happen to write erotica as well as other stuff I hasten to add)
    Thank you for a brilliant post
    (please excuse grammer or spelling I have no idea how to do a spell check on anything other than Word!)


  8. I have been in this Industry for 18 months on and off. What strikes me is you have authors who are very unaware of the publishing industry, marketeers who are very unaware of the publishing industry and publishers who don’t cut the mustard.

    There is a huge problem with “noise”. Amazon ,alone, add 1000 books a week to their inventory and unless you are JK or Lee Child it is almost impossible to sell bucket loads.

    Many of the authors I speak to seem to write as a hobby, apathetic to the chances of sales success. There are too many dodgy companies willing to fleece authors for doing very little and confidence is low.

    Authors need to affiliate with experts and passionate professionals to make money.


  9. Dear Ape

    I can relate. I feel like tearing down a few trees myself.

    I have been waiting waiting waiting for my format designer to post four of my books and can’t promote them with until they are up and kicking.

    I would be pleased to send you something as soon as that happens.


      • Now you know I’m going to use this all day… What an astute swinging ape you are. I’m self-publishing but I rely on contracting a technical person to do the formatting and posting. That person has enough clients to choke a gorilla. Hence the wait time between every minute adjustment and change. Details matter.

        My day starts with a chuckle. Thank you.

        Whoever said, don’t sweat the small stuff, probably never wrote a book. cheers.


        • Snarphmf LMAO – enough clients to choke AHAHAHAHA Gorilla LOL – LOVE IT – anyway, while you’re waiting for said overworked Techie, why don’t you write and send me an article about yourself and your (soon to be published) books and stories Veronica, as well as any that have already been published, that will help to wile away some of the time 🙂


  10. I agree. There is so much dross out there that the reading public cannot possibly know if a book has much value and is worth their hard-earned pennies if they don’t use the Amazon “read a section” facility. Usually by a couple of paragraphs one can tell if an editor or at the very least a competent proof-reader has been used. (No, Auntie Doris doesn’t count unless she was a professional in the book industry). The same points go for that popular blog post of mine recently. The free info is out there, people, get off your bums and go look for it.
    And you are a charming and adorable Ape – I would offer you another contribution if you aren’t already sick of me – or I could ask my twin brother. Who is marginally more edgy.


    • All authors already featured can send me updates regarding their new books, or books being promo’d and of course, if they want to write a totally self unrelated post about something they care about, I will certainly give it serious consideration 🙂


      • I’d love to send an article not connected with me. I’ll get one over to you shortly. Thank you, kind Ape *curtsey*


  11. APE! You are the best story reading APE there is, what am I saying you are the ONLY one! The one that reaches out to us and gives us a voice, a platform to showcase our work and ourselves. I greatly appreciate it, but you are right, the market is flooded with, I’m sorry to say it, crappy written/edited work that has no right being published as is. Which puts people off buying the independent published titles that are worth every penny they cost to get them in your hands and read them over and over again.
    So keep at it and I’ll contact you through the proper channel to have you shout out about the fact that A Menu of Death is now available in paperback too. But do ask me some questions about how I feel authors should take pride in their craft and make sure the rubbish doesn’t reach the market.
    *puts her soapbox away and crawls back behind her laptop*


  12. Hi Chris, you hit the nail on the head with this post. Now duly shared on LinkedIn generally, and to several groups (Book Marketing, Fiction Writer’s Guild, Writer’s Café and Children’s Books).


  13. Sorry Ape, you asked me weeks ago if I was interested in providing a blog and I was delighted with the request. But the same old excuse for me too – work taking over – no time to write – I’m behind on 2 reviews as it is. I will try to get one to you this week if you’re still interested.


  14. Interesting points and cast in an interesting way. 🙂 Historically, during tough times, book reading actually improved because books are a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment and they could lead people out of otherwise depressing lives. However, technology has made drastic changes to the book industry, so this impact and its nature may be changing.


  15. I wish I could blame the economy! I’m just swamped by work and haven’t had time to write much of anything lately. I’m hoping NaNo will break me out of my shell — then perhaps I’ll have something useful to contribute to this lovely blog 🙂


  16. As a first time author, for me the problem of writers becoming less visible over time is the fact that self publishing requires skills very different to the skills needed for creating the book. Inventing a story complete with believable characters, writing it in a flowing form, editing it many times and publishing an Indie book are very solitary acts requiring many hours spent alone. However, self marketing that book necessitates an equal amount of time employed in engaging with others, promoting yourself and placing yourself in social situations where you can make your book more visible.

    As you so rightly say, there are so many self publishers all competing for attention that it’s difficult to make your product visible unless the author spends all of his or her time promoting it. Why would we want to do this when most authors are by nature solitary people and much prefer to spend their time writing. It’s no wonder we eventually give up.

    It would be so much easier if we had an agent, someone to do the publicity part for us. Anybody taking notes?


  17. Sorry Ape, but what governments do or don’t do re the economy has got diddly-squat to do with the price of fish, or in this case Indies and their books. In the end its all down to writing and editing skills, plus the fact that the market is saturated… 😉



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