Guest Author Emeka Iwenofu and Book Promotion


I am a young aspiring author who has written a series of books called The Miracle Trilogy. Francine’s Miracle is the start of the series while Jackie’s Miracle is the third part. Mandi’s Miracle, the second part will be made available by New Years 2014.

I lived mostly in Cleveland and later attended Shaker Heights High School and Marist Comprehensive Academy in Nigeria. Afterwards at 16, I attended a local college called Cuyahoga Community College before attaining my bachelor’s degree in accounting from Cleveland State University.

I hope that my books not only create a positive message of inspiration to my readers but compels them to discover and apply the unlimited potential they carry within their own minds, regardless of their present conditions and circumstances, as experienced through the women featured in his stories. With the proper techniques explained, anyone can create any and everything they want in their life. And as the message was carried along between these women, I hope my readers share that same message with everyone they know and love. I wish you all the best and encourages that everyone dream BIG… just as nature intended! Take care.

Francine’s Miracle Promotion Article

Witness a powerful book that will change the way you think of your circumstances or belief. Through this book, are hidden gems designed to guide any child, teenager, parent, educator, and even grandparents on the EXACT formula to accomplishing success in life outside your current adversity and challenges. Great things are available to you for the asking. All you have to know is how to ask it, but most importantly, how to achieve it. This book addresses all that through a young girl who accomplished such things against all odds. This is her story, and below are the reviews:

Francine’s Miracle is delightful. Once again, Emeka Iwenofu creates a character that readers relate to; first in her struggles and then in her ultimate triumph. The story of Francine’s journey is a powerful tribute to the miracles that happen when one woman learns to harness the power within to manifest the life of her dreams. If you want to be inspired, read this book!”

Lisa Ryan

Chief Appreciation Strategist, Grategy

Author of The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude

Featured expert in “The Keep of the Keys” and “The Gratitude Experiment”

Francine’s Miracle is absolutely fantastic; a definite must read classic! Five complete stars! It is so detailed and paints such a vivid mental picture. All the characters come to life; an absolute must read from start to finish!”

Mary Eason

Unity Center of the Heights Spiritual Leader and Teacher

Licensed Minister, member of A Course in Miracles and Out of the Matrix

There are many books about the Law of Attraction but Emeka Iwenofu takes a markedly different approach with his work. He uses stories that gives the reader an opportunity to experience the Law of Attraction through the characters. Francine’s Miracle is filled with a plethora of cogent examples. One comes away with a sense that it can work in their lives also.”

Oakland Lewis

Results and Mobile Marketing Coach

Creator of the Get Over All Limits program

True happiness, peace, love, and joy can only be found through the application of certain universal principles of truths. Emeka has artfully presented them in a wonderfully engaging story involving characters that ease their way into our hearts and minds as we find ourselves relating to them on many levels. Follow the story, then follow your heart. They will lead you where you really want to go.”

Rev. Tony Senf

Spiritual Director of Unity Center of the Heights (

Author of Beyond Forgiveness and Creating Holy Relationships

Co-author of Out of the Matrix (

Francine’s Miracle (The Miracle Trilogy) Watch the video HERE

Francine’s Miracle is the start of The Miracle Trilogy series which tells of a young Irish girl who immigrates with her family to the United States in search of opportunity during the 1920s. The family’s first settlement is in New York City where Francine’s father becomes a bootlegger until gangsters terrorize their home, forcing Francine, her mother, and sibling to live in Virginia while the father stayed behind to continue his operations. It will be there in Virginia where Francine’s challenges and adversities begin. It first begins with one of her siblings becoming sick before dying, followed by her father coming back home as a failure and avid alcoholic, doing nothing useful for the family but to trade verbal assault with her mother, who eventually becomes bitter toward Francine and the rest of the children. The family also endures poverty in the process with the father not working, forcing Francine in a desperate cry for help outside of her situation. It isn’t until a small fight between her mother, forces Francine to go out to the store where by a sudden twist of fate forces her to meet an older woman who decides to give Francine a gift far more than all the money in the world as payment for the act Francine did for her.

It is when Francine’s transition begins where she is exposed to metaphysical, spiritual, and scientific principles by her new friend which she eventually executes and applies the principles on faith that eventually grants Francine her every wish that eventually turns her to becoming an extraordinary woman with only one simple request by her mentor and this is to share the secret with someone else less fortunate, called Mandi’s Miracle


Jackie’s Miracle (The Miracle Series) Watch the video HERE

Enter the world of a young girl, names “Jackie” Jenkins, who has just been released from a 4-year prison term. Prior to that, she had a tumultuous childhood where drugs, alcohol, and abuse were all this poor young girl has ever known, and no real family to go to upon her release from prison. It isn’t until a total stranger, who is her parole officer, informs her of an ancient closely guarded “secret” that sends Jackie on an exciting adventure beyond her wildest dreams. In this secret, are step-by-step techniques which she applies that also serves as a blueprint for the reader in attaining “success” in their life… whatever that may be.

Witness a life-changing book that has every reader claiming it to be one of the greatest books, if not the greatest book they have ever read on success where they clearly understand and can start applying the principles in their own lives. It is a book which you’ll not only cherish but would want everyone you care about and love, to read.


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