Guest Kilted Author Seumas Gallacher

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from neophyte computer Jurassic to Trumpeter Extraordinaire for the SOSYAL NETWURKIN WURLD… what a helluva trip!…

the mail message looked innocent enuff… the Story Reading Ape’s missive simply asked for a Guest Blog piece to tell people about myself… easy, right?… not so fast, Sherlock… remember the immortal lines from my slightly more famous countryman, the poet, Robert Burns… ‘…O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us, To see oursels as ithers see us…’ …and therein lies the quandary… Auld Rabbie’s WURDS were from his poem,‘To A Louse’ …p’raps some aptness in that… whatever the rest of the planet may think of me and my WURKS, here’s how it’s been of late…

some 60+ years ago, my Ma birthed me in the same street in Dockside Govan in Glasgow as Sir Alex Ferguson, he of Manchester United fame… he’s older than me by 6 years, has tons more money… but I’m better looking than he is… being pretty good with numbers as a growing lad, my ambition was to become a gamblers’ bookmaker… ending up in banking wasn’t such a far shout from that… some splendid late teens as a trainee bank chap were passed in the idyllic village of Tobermory in Mull on the Scottish Hebrides… a transit spell of ten years had me in London, claiming to be a translator of the Scottish language for the English… then off out to the big wide WURLD of international finance… 25 years swanning around in Asia… Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines…wonderful experiences, then invited to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East ten years ago…

laying down the banker’s bib four years ago was a no-brainer… the then current crop of bank executives were becoming equated with murderers, rapists, pillagers, and folks refusing to go shopping for their Missus… my old–style-bank-on-a handshake-and–look-yer-customer-in-the-eye days were history, alas… so, what to do next?… I decided to write‘that book’we all supposedly have in us… I’ve since learned the scribbling bit is the relatively easy piece… getting yer masterpieces out there is a whole different ball game… I dived into the BUILDING THE PLATFORM thing… in layman’s terms, WURKING yer a*se off on the SOSYAL NETWURKIN channels… understand that my computer and Web skills are so bad, if my Mac lights up I do a lap of honour… but somehow, my direct relationships (key WURD, right there,‘relationships’) have grown from 200 to 13,000+ on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and the Blog I throw out almost daily now… with an award as Blogger of the Year last December, this ol’ Jurassic has become a bit of a darling of the Web… and d’ye know what?.. I’m LUVVIN’ IT!…….right, that’s told yeez absolutely NUTHIN of any significance about me… (Interpol has the real lowdown)…see yeez later…


Oh an’ by the way, here’s how tae get yer han’s on some o’ ma writin’s ye just have tae click on the links below, kindly set up fer ye by the Story Readin’ Ape chap:

The Violin Mans Legacy

Vengence Wears Black

The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing

Oh an while he’s was ’bout it, he was kind enough tae gie ye ma ‘Follow Me At’ links as well, lovely ape that man!





10 thoughts on “Guest Kilted Author Seumas Gallacher

  1. Awesome! I can’t believe you haven’t wanted to move back to bonny Scotland. I was there a couple of years ago nowt but green grass lovely!



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