Guest Poet & Author Christy Birmingham

Welcome to poetry-land, where hope stands strong after battles with issues such as abuse and depression. Welcome to a world where the main woman in the book is a survivor rather than a victim. Welcome to the base of the poetry book Pathways to Illumination, written by Christy Birmingham (aka Me!)


About the Book, Pathways to Illumination

My first poetry collection is different from other ones in many ways. The intention is to read it chronologically, from the first page to the last one. Why? For you, the reader, this method provides you a way to follow along in the journey of a woman after her toxic relationship ends, as though you move beside her.

There are pieces of hope throughout the poems, even as the woman struggles through depression after the relationship ends. She reaches for light or the realization that she can be exist on her own. She strives to rebuild her self-confidence as her former partner struck it down with his controlling words and actions.

About the Author, Christy Birmingham

Christy Birmingham

About me, well let’s see. I am a Canadian woman who lives on Canada’s west coast in the province of British Columbia. I write full-time as my chosen career. I write posts for private clients and online ones, and the subjects differ from health to social media. My focus is on motivating people, and I specialize in women’s issues.

I began writing poetry at a young age, and I still remember the poem in elementary school that I published about the then new concept “recycling.” I recall drawing a girl at the side of the words I wrote (smiles all around). Yes, I was hooked on writing (and recycling, for the green fans in the house).

Book + Author = A Strong Collection

Pathways to Illumination is a special collection for me as it is loosely taken from my own experiences. I pull from my past controlling relationship and the struggles I had as I suffered from depression, and then entered into therapy. I explain more about my experiences in the book.

I hope that the poems help you see that you are not alone in your dark times. If I can get through it and live a healthy life today, three years after my lowest point in the darkness, so can you.

To learn more about Pathways to Illumination, go to the Redmund Productions publishing site HERE

Find more of Christy’s poetry at her blog Poetic Parfait HERE

Follow Christy on Twitter: HERE

16 thoughts on “Guest Poet & Author Christy Birmingham

  1. I reposted this on where most of my (occasional) short poems are posted.(Though I regret I have few visitors) Another site for an epic narrative seemed less appropriate but if you want to view it is here It is always an act of courage to annotate one’s private hell.


  2. Great review of Christy Birmingham´s “Pahtways to Illumination” …

    I totally recommend her book…

    It’s worth reading and it gives us as readers a message of struggle, redemption and hope.

    Cheers, Aquileana 🙂



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