Special Guest Pie (An Old Brown Horse) minus his Biographer Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo

Pie's face

In one of my reviews I was called, “ Brown Beauty” and compared to Black Beauty the fictional horse in Anna Sewell’s novel. I can see where someone might come up with that since we both spoke and told our stories from our view points. That is a definite compliment, and when you get right down to it, Black Beauty is probably one of the most famous and well known horses in history. So thank you to those who have put me in the same category as that beautiful black horse.

Let’s look at this and see if I can fit the shoes of any other famous horses. I think I am more of a doer than a looker. The comparison between Black Beauty and I had nothing to do with my looks. Now Bucephalus, that was a horse with which I have a few things in common. I am fearless like him, I was not predicted to pick the king of any country, but I did have a bull’s horn in my hip. ( Bucephalus was said to have the head of an ox on his hip) Close enough, as far as I am concerned. That Alexander The Great really knew how to treat a horse. He even named a city after him. Ah, who am I kidding, my late friend, Dusty would have been a better war horse; I’m a little short and not stocky enough.

How about Warrior? He was a well know horse of the modern age. He carried General Jack Seeley faithfully though the war in 1914. Seeley says the only reason they made it out alive was due to Warrior‘s great intelligence and ability to keep a level head. Spielberg even made a movie about him. I don’t know how I would do in a battle, but I think I could keep a level head. I haven’t lived to this ripe old age being stupid.

Seabiscuit was a great horse also. I know I couldn’t run as fast as he could, but he did pull a nation together. He, like me, wasn’t anything great to look at, but he had lots of heart and he put it to good use. He may not have been the race horse with the most monetary wins, but he was certainly one that had won over a nation. That has to count for something and they made a movie about his life and the affect he had on the public.

Here we go; I could be a cowboy movie horse. I could definitely take Trigger’s place; all he did was carry around that singing cowboy, Roy Rodgers. Never mind, that he was a gorgeous golden palomino. I think the public would accept an old brown horse in his place, don’t you think? Now that I think about it, probably not, I remember the days at the horse shows. Trigger and I do have one thing in common though, when he wasn’t shooting on of the hundred movies he was in, Trigger was a therapy horse. Bet ya’ll didn’t know that! So the big yellow guy and I are similar after all.

Here’s my favorite. Some people say he is fiction, I say he is just really smart. I am talking about Mr. Ed. Now here is a horse chalk full of personality like me and he also is full of opinions on everything. I bet I could slide into his spot with not a worry in the world. I ‘m every bit as good looking as that old yellow horse and it is about time we horses got our own show back on TV. I need to pursue this one. I need to find me a Wilbur and an agent. Hmm. I have a lot of work to do, but first I need to finish off this basket of carrots that was brought to me for doing this post.

I could go on for HOURS about my real fellow horses who are famous, like Champion, or Fictional HorsesHistorical Horses, Horses who have been painted by artists Mythological Horses, Flying Horses like Pegasus, did you know there is even a musician called Horse?

But I have to get on and do some serious horsey business like promote my book called Pie: An Old Brown Horse, written by my Biographer, Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo, which can be seen at any of the following places:

Pie on YouTube

Buy Pie on Amazon.com

If anyone else has any ideas of great horses I have things in common with, be sure to post your ideas in the comment section. They tell me I can’t charge a carrot for every comment, but donations are really appreciated. Happy Trails to You!



16 thoughts on “Special Guest Pie (An Old Brown Horse) minus his Biographer Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo

  1. Loved to read about horses – I was horse CRAZY when I was young, and my daughter lived out my dream by having and showing a horse (hunter-jumper). How about the Lone Ranger’s Silver and Tonto’s Scout. The Cisco Kid -does anyone remember him – he had a horse called Diablo. And Hopalong Cassidy’s horse, Topper? I am REALLY dating myself.

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  2. Didn’t Spielberg make the movie, War Horse, based on the children’s book with the same title? The horse in that story (and movie) is Joey.
    I really like the write up. I like stories told from the animal’s point of view, and I don’t mean Animal Farm necessarily, though it has its merits.



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