Author Joel Bresler doesn’t believe in taking humor too seriously.

Joel Bresler

The author of Letters to be Read in a Heavily British Accent and, most recently, Sunderwynde Revisited doesn’t believe in taking most things too seriously, though the perpetual straight face often throws people off.

Bresler describes his writing style as “literate silliness”. For him, the emphasis is more on producing entertaining prose than in conforming to the standard formula for story writing, since the experience of reading humorous fiction is where all the fun comes from. As he is (sometimes too) quick to point out, nobody ever bought a P.G. Wodehouse novel to see if Bertie gets away with it. What ho?

Sunderwynde Revisited, Bresler’s newest novel, draws on his experiences growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio. Well, not his own experiences, exactly. Or the experiences of anyone he knows or has ever heard of either, for that matter. The truth is, he simply made the whole thing up, and threw in a few local landmarks to try and sound a little more believable. It’s a cheap writer’s trick, really – don’t fall for it. The whole thing is just silly, though in an extremely literate way, of course. Even the title is a play on words, but you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.

Joel abandoned the North Coast of Ohio ten years ago for Arizona, where all the sun is. By day, he works as a specialized consultant to the healthcare industry. At night and during long recessions he writes humorous novels. A sequel to Sunderwynde Revisited is already finished, and will be published Spring, 2014; and another unrelated but equally strange one is nearly done. Look for that sometime around the spring of 2015. God only knows what would happen to Bresler’s writing career if they ever do away with spring.

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7 thoughts on “Author Joel Bresler doesn’t believe in taking humor too seriously.

  1. Thanks for the kind comments. You know, I used to be merely a smart-ass. Then I started writing things down, so now I’m a humorist. You grow.


    • Yes, it’s amazing that the act of putting smart comments on paper should increase your intellectual standing, but it’s true! I’m no cleverer for having written, but, by God, the rest of them don’t seem to realise it! Respect!


  2. Hahahaha, if the writing in the book is half as funny as this post I’m sold. Great post and after taking a look at the sample of the book, I had to put it on my wish list. 🙂



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