Guest Author Doug Huestis

Doug Huestis

I was born in London, Ontario, Canada, but brought up in Montreal, educated there and at Port Hope, Ontario, the University of Toronto, and finally McGill University, graduating with an MD in 1948. I trained at the Montreal General Hospital, and spent a couple of years in Sweden and England, plus a good deal of time on a motorcycle touring Europe, before moving back to Montreal.

I finally landed a paying job as a pathologist in Pittsburgh, and in June of 1955 married the love of my life Rosemary Colford. Five years later, we moved to Chicago to direct the Mount Sinai Blood Center. Two colleagues and I wrote a textbook, “Practical Blood Transfusion,” Little, Brown & Co., 1st edition 1969. This was well received and went through four editions, covering a period of about 25 years.

In 1969, we moved with our five kids to Tucson, Arizona, where I was professor of pathology at the University of Arizona. Over the next 25 years I worked on special transfusion methods for cancer and leukemia patients, and treating disease using new techniques of blood cell separation. I retired from the university in 1995. Since then I have spent a lot of time reading things I had no time to read before, and took several courses in creative writing. I have written and published some medical history, memoirs, a few book reviews, short stories, and a couple of novels.

The Three Talents of Timothy O’Dowd  (Click the genre to see it and store links in my blog YA and Fantasy Bookcases)

In 1939 Montreal, schoolboy Tim discovers he has magical powers, while a demon and a strange old man give conflicting advice on using them. Tim shows foreign photographers around the city, but soon suspects them of a terrorist plot against the visiting king and queen. He puts his powers to use and risks everything in an attempt to foil the plot and enable the police to stop the terrorists. The grand old City of Montreal, its flamboyant Mayor Camillien Houde, King George VI, Cardinal Villeneuve, the Montreal Tramways Company, and the old Selwyn House School each plays a role in the story.

I have started work on a sequel to “The Three Talents of Timothy O’Dowd” This will have a different setting and takes place a year later.

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