Twitter or Facebook? What’s Better For Authors?

Here’s an interesting little article from Savvy Writers that may help authors 🙂

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Your time spend on Social Media, especially on these two major social networks, is precious and even if you use TweetDeck or Hootsuite to schedule your tweets, you will want to interact with your followers personally.  Here are several points in which Twitter trumps Facebook:
Twitter drives the most traffic of all the major social networks ! A study showed that shares made on Twitter trigger, on average, 33 visits to websites, compared to 14 for Facebook and 10 for LinkedIn. I can confirm this fact, as I study everyday’s clicks on this blog – and the majority of visitors come from Twitter.


Twitter users post more frequently. Most people, businesses, and brands post more often on Twitter than they do on Facebook. There’s a reason for it: with Twitter’s reverse-chronological news feed, brands and marketers know that followers have only a small window of time…

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12 thoughts on “Twitter or Facebook? What’s Better For Authors?

  1. I was just reading on that on Facebook, 75% of engagement occurs within the first 5 hours. That’s not a bad life span for a post, if I’m understanding this correctly, compared to tweets which are said to only last 10 minutes before they get buried. Of course having quality to your posts is critical and getting likes, comments and shares are key. I happen to like FB because I can spend more than 140 characters with my pitch and book synopsis/reviews, add images and a buy link all at one stop.


  2. I feel both are equally time gobbling if you don’t watch out. But twittering excessively about your book is of no use in my opinion. Instead I tweet my blog and hope visitors of my blog are interested enough by my content to browse and stumble upon my work too. It seems to work. Facebook is more a platfom to network with other authors, editors and maybe a few readers, but I think it is mainly authors telling other authors what great reviews they’ve got, or how high in whatever list their book is. I don’t know, it all seems like some kind of race. To be honest I don’t think either one does many good in selling books.


    • You may be right there Lucy, I use all the online media and Groups I can to spread my articles around and increase the publicity for the Authors posted, but for real communication with people online, I use my blog or emails 🙂


      • And right you are, no better communication than the real deal, in which you know with whom you are having a conversation even if it is via email or blog. It just feels more direct than the random tweet or status update on FB


      • I’ve also begun using Google+ much more heavily. I’ve even started up my own community called Books by TermiteWriter. It’s been up less than a week and I’ve already got more followers than I had in six months on my FB page. i think that’s partly thanks to your promotion, Story Reading Ape! So thank you! Unfortunately, I can’t give you a link – there’s something wrong and it usually just takes you to my Profile page.

        TermiteWriter link is HERE


  3. I tweeted a lot when I first started this self-publishing affair, but then I realized that a tweet just disappears into the huge mass of other tweets. Personally, I never read other tweets, except what is as the head of the list when I first enter. So now I tweet selectively – I advertise my blog posts on Twitter, because that seems to get some results, and i will advertise any specials that I have going, and I occasionally communicate with somebody through Twitter. Otherwise, I don’t waste my time. I can’t see that tweeting regularly ever helped my sales.



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