Books versus eReader


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From The Sunday Times Culture Magazine 4th August 2013 (UK)

18 thoughts on “Books versus eReader

  1. I’m with Anastacia. Give me a physical book any day. I’m also the same way as far as being gentle with my books (though I don’t get too upset if books I’ve lent out get a bit mangled). I’ve never tried an ebook or a reader and have no desire to either.


  2. Ha ha ha ha ha
    I actually know someone who is exactly like the man, except that SHE is a woman.
    I lent her my Empress Orchid book. She gave it back to me the very next day and said,” Thank you. I have downloaded it into my kindle this very morning.”


      • Can you guess why she needed the book?
        So that everybody in the office knew that she read! (“Kindle is hardly noticeable. I let people see me with the book in my hands, the very next day I told them I had downloaded the book in my kindle. Now I look both cultured and sophisticated.”)
        OMG! Ha ha ha ha ha


          • Ah, that is so true!
            Sometimes, people care too much of their public image, don’t they? They put aside what they actually feel about themselves.
            If I may quote Grace Adler:
            “How do you know if you like yourself if other people do not like you?”


  3. Even though I’ve published my books as both paper, and e-book, I just can’t deny the love of a stack of books all around my home, the smell of fresh ink when you open the pages . . . and while my OCD’ishness prevents me from ‘dog-earring’, or drooling on the pages, I think that it is more a danger when you fall asleep and accidentally drop your kindle in the bath water and get the shock of your life . . . 🙂


  4. Too cute! I actually like the smell of fresh ink in a regular book, and I hate it when people ‘break the spine’ of my books that I’ve loaned them, especially, drooling on the pages, dog-earring the corners, etc. Some of my books, you wouldn’t even be able to tell they’ve been read by me, because I guess I’m a little OCD when it comes to keeping them in pristeen condition . . . LOL. There is just something about having stacks of books, both paperback and hardcover that seems to warm up one’s abode. While a kindle or e-reader is a lot handier to say, take to the beach to read, or sit at the coffee house, they do have a tendency to ‘short out’ if you should accidentally drop them in the ocean, or spill your latte all over them 🙂


  5. When you get old and the state of your eyesight means you need glasses, eBooks make good sense. At least on my computer screen I can increase the font size for easy reading. Other Ereading devices like a Kindle just do not have a large enough screen… 🙂


    • Apparently even the famed iPad doesn’t have a good range of font sizes to choose from Jack.
      I find the Nook HD and Kindle Fire font ranges OK so far, but I also think it’s time to change my glasses prescription hah!



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