Was Out Visitin’ Yesterday

Hi everyone,

I’ve been to visit one of my followers who has foolishly – I mean, KINDLY, yes THAT’s the word – kindly invited me over to her lovely blog for an interview (and to sample her World Famous Apple Pie and a drink or three of Banana Milkshake (which will even have a little umbrella sticking out of it at a jaunty angle, leaning delicately against the glass rim, she assures me)  🙂

I’m sure she wouldn’t mind all of you calling over to see the interview as well 🙂


Oh yes, I am a forgetful ape sometimes, click HERE to be whooshed (I love that word) off to her blog 🙂


11 thoughts on “Was Out Visitin’ Yesterday

  1. Very cool interview! 😀
    I just shared it on Facebook.
    Chris, I just finished the post about the Liebster Award. I put your photo in it. LOL (I linked it from your blog. I hope it’s okay. I did, of course, stated that the handsome ape in the photo was named Chris) 😀


  2. And so I learned some more little tidbits about my favourite Ape! 🙂
    Great interview, loved your answers and how you present them. You should be a writer! Have a banana on me.



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