Author Jayden Woods

Jayden Woods

If you are a fan of Historical Fiction based on 11th century England, then this author may be for you.

Jayden Woods grew up on a farm in Bethesda, rural Tennessee, surrounded by woods and hillsides, she has no doubt that these natural surroundings had a strong impact on her creative and personal development.

She and her friends often had adventures in the woods and let their imaginations run rampant, knitting stories together from their wild ideas.

Jayden began spouting novels in middle school.

Jayden’s hobbies also included drawing and composing music, which she combined with her writing and led her to pursue an education in film.

She pursued her dreams of film-making in Los Angeles.

After receiving a BFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California and working on a primetime TV show, she decided to return to her original passion of writing novels, leaving Los Angeles, at least for a time, and focusing on writing novels.

As a result Jayden landed in St Louis, where she spent a grueling year and a half of unemployment or part-time jobs.

Jayden states:

During this dark time, I got hit by some of the most intense inspiration I’ve ever experienced and churned out “Eadric the Grasper” in a period of three months.

I took a short break between each book, but wrote the following sequels just as quickly. Since then I have eagerly pursued the publication and promotion of the Sons of Mercia series, though I continue to churn out other stories as well.

I am addicted to writing and see it as an important form of communication between my deepest self and the outside world, as well as a method of personal therapy and growth ”

Since then she has lived in St. Louis with her husband and three beautiful pets, throwing all her will and energy into becoming a successful writer.

Jayden has published a lush array of books from historical fiction to fantasy.

Her novel Eadric the Grasper received a starred review from Kirkus Discoveries and was selected as one of the best books of 2010

Her published works include the following:

LOST Tales of Mercia

Lost Tales of Mercia series – 10 short stories all FREE online from various outlets

LAST Tales of Mercia

Last Tales of Mercia series – 11 short stories

Sons of Mercia series – 3 books

Broken Balance series – 4 books

Visit Jayden’s website by clicking on her name in the authors blogroll in the right column

You can learn more about her books and find where to download them from her website: HERE



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