Guest Author Andrew Buckley

Andrew Buckley

Ex-pat Brit Author Seeks Readers…Strange Sense of Humor and a Love of Penguins Required

Chris (who may, or may not be an ape) kindly invited me to write a promotional article about myself and my debut novel: Death, the Devil, and the Goldfish. I grew up in the UK in a little village called Lees, on the outskirts of Oldham, in the nether-regions of Manchester. I lived there until I was 17 years old when my family, very kindly, shipped us all off to Canada where there are actually four distinct seasons, everyone is very nice, and there’s some major confusion surrounding the meaning of the word ‘fanny’.

Throughout the early 2000s, after graduating from film school (where I learned how to drink effectively), I turned my sights to novel writing. Death, the Devil, and the Goldfish was completed in 2005 and I began shopping it around to literary agents who replied with an overwhelming amount of silence. I shelved that book and wrote my second novel: Stiltskin. And then things started to get interesting.

I was hunted down by new indie publisher Curiosity Quills Press as they wanted to look at my work. Stilstkin was tied up being reviewed with another press at that time so I gave CQ my first novel to take a look at. They ended up signing Death, the Devil, and Goldfish and later Stiltskin. The first novel came out this last December and Stiltskin will be released later this year.

In late 2012 CQ Press hired me to build and manage their Acquisitions Department which I still manage and I also recently launched a Literary Publicity Agency: Scribe Publicity in order to help new and experienced indie and self-published authors to connect with their audience.

On top of that I also host two podcasts, one of which involves me interviewing well known authors and literary-inclined people. Some of my guests to date include bestselling historical fiction author Jack Whyte, bestselling fantasy author Christopher Golden, and Fiction Publishing Director for HarperCollins UK Jane Johnson. In August I’ll be interviewing international bestselling comic fiction author Christopher Moore. You can find the podcast on iTunes or on my Website.

I write with the British notion that everything is absolutely hilarious. Even things that are clearly not funny. I encourage those of you with a well-developed sense of humor to pick up a copy of Death, the Devil, and the Goldfish which will be on sale for the Kindle for just 99 cents during the week of July 22nd.


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