Reflections of an Indie Author

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There have been many comments, questions, and criticisms of the status of “Indie Authors” . . . those vagabonds who dare to eschew the services of traditional publishing in favor of taking the reins and publishing their beloved manuscripts on their own.

Unless you are Stephen King, James Patterson, or Edgar Allan Poe, it is a very tough road to plow to get your hard work acknowledged by the mainstream publishing houses. But, it is not an impossible dream to pursue, and there are hundreds and even thousands who are doing just that.

In reading and talking with fellow authors, there are all types of horror stories about the vultures who lurk in the shadows, waiting to pounce and prey upon the eager first time novelist. Those vultures have a name . . . and the name is ‘vanity’. Vanity publishers are those who seek to take advantage of the…

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8 thoughts on “Reflections of an Indie Author

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s a scary world, that’s for sure. And the blogger is lucky to have the design skills, too.


  2. I liked this article a lot and am glad once more someone takes the time to warn the innocent self-publishing writer for some of the pitfalls.
    Thanks for sharing Ape. 🙂


  3. The Vanity Press services are now eagerly being embraced by the Big 5 publishers through subsidiaries. The golden rule is always this: if a press/publisher asks you for money, run away as fast as you can.

    But also beware of the ‘free’ services too. It’s worth getting hold of a good editor/proof reader, even if that costs you money: too many rely upon Spellcheck ( or simply don’t bother – yes, that happens too!), and as a result all small press/ self published authors get a bad reputation.

    I do feel that Lightning Source is misrepresented here though. They are a printer and distributor, not a publisher: and using them opens doors to the proper shops denied if you use Amazon or Createspace to print your work.



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