Author Elle Stevenson

Ellie Stevenson

Ellie Stevenson is a former careers adviser and a member of the Careers Writers Association and Alliance of Independent Authors.

She writes on history, travel, careers and the arts and has lived on one of the largest and one of the smallest islands of the world, which helps with the travel writing.

SHIP OF HAUNTS is her first novel and was published to coincide with the centenary of Titanic’s sinking.

The book is a complex, sometimes controversial story about Titanic, child migration and living a life beneath the sea, two miles down.

The book is set in 1912, 2012, and the harsh world of the Australian outback in the 1940s.

SHIP OF HAUNTS (See my Supernatural & Horror Bookcase)

Reincarnation, Revenge and Wrecks…

Carrin remembers a past life – on Titanic. And now she’s being stalked by a ghost from the ship.

Lily the ghost is searching for her cousin. She’s crossed time to find Lucie, but now time is running out.

One hundred years after the ship sank, Carrin’s shipmates are gathered together to remember Titanic. But who can she trust – certainly not the man who drowned her. But can she even trust herself?

For  Carrin has a terrible secret, one she’s been hiding all her life. But at least Lily’s on her side. Or so she thinks..

From the heat of the harsh Australian sun to the darkest depths of the ocean floor, Ship of Haunts is a novel of conflicts. Carrin is scared and Lily is desperate, both of them in a race against time. Will they manage to make it through, including surviving the vengeful Mad?

And when is it time to let the ghosts go?

Some comments on Ship of Haunts

‘original’, ‘hard to put down’ and ‘I recommend this book to people who love a book with a sense of history or who have a creative imagination.’ Reenie’s Book Blog (

‘she has brought the meticulous research of the non-fiction writer, as well as her undoubted flair for creating memorable characters. She describes herself as “passionate about Titanic” and conveys that passion in her story, in particular in the personage of Carrin’s ghost.’ Valerie Wilson (—the-other-titantic-story-by-ellie-stevenson-a411533)

Ellie’s latest publication is a collection of short stories: WATCHING CHARLOTTE BRONTE DIE: AND OTHER SURREAL STORIES. (See my Short Stories Bookcase)

Death, destruction, ghosts and mystery (with a touch of humour).

Seeing a ghost is bad enough. But what if the dead woman’s Charlotte Brontë?

And there’s more.

Simon thinks Caro’s his only problem. Until she buys an old sofa.

Lori and Sally were good friends. But sometimes friends can share too much.

Ghostly happenings, death and destruction, a few twists and unexpected endings. All part of the mix in Watching Charlotte Brontë Die: and other surreal stories.

Nine stories to puzzle over. Be surprised.

Ellie is currently working on her next novel, in between cups of coffee.

Read more about Elle by clicking HERE.


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