Readers around the world

Readers around the world

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13 thoughts on “Readers around the world

  1. Woah, Indonesia’s rank is pretty high. Unfortunately I cannot say so about the folks in my hometown! I am sure that most of the people I know, who have watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy movie, do not even know that the films were adapted from books! 😦


    • WOW, I didn’t see that Jack, but in my defence, it wasn’t me what dun it M’Lud 🙂

      I’m not even sure who did make it. Probably too busy trying to squeeze all the tables in to notice the oversight.


      • You are forgiven Chris. LOL. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere only know about Australia. I remember seeing a news item on Television New Zealand several years ago where the reporter was asking people in Los Angeles where New Zealand was. Most thought it was in Europe! Here in the UK, when people are asked about Australasia, they only think of Australia. 🙂



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