The attached pages are dedicated to People, Stories and Poems that deserve special recognition.

To make access easier for those with touch screen devices, catch up with any you may have missed by scrolling through and clicking on the article links below:

17 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHTS

  1. …ehm! I noticed I keep writing new comments, instead of replying–but in my defense, I’m in a rush to finish a post I’m making–and YOU are in it! 🙂

    Check it out at in a few… I’m trying to *quickly* clean it up before I post something dastardly!

    It’s great FUN chatting with you! 🙂


  2. Nice idea — I have something similar on my blog: once a week Safari Friday highlights web resources that help writers and readers.
    Since I started it I have been so impressed by the number of people who work hard to share information with others for no other reason than it’s good to share…


  3. Yes!
    Like the great Apes of Africa, they are both fierce and shy!
    We editors must be delicate and spend a lot of time “observing” first, before we begin to interact and alter their *ego*.
    But it’s usually well worth the patience and effort, as we both, come out of the jungle newly evolved!


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