Printing Prices are Increasing at KDP (reducing paperback royalties)

Chris McMullen explains what the latest news from Amazon means…



On June 20, 2023, the cost of printing a book at KDP will increase, which will in turn lower the royalties for paperback (and hardcover) books.

  • If your book is 9 inches high or taller or 6.12 inches wide or wider, the effect is significant. It will cost about half a penny per page extra (plus about 15 cents on top of that). For example, if a book has 200 pages, you’re looking at $1.15 added to the printing cost, effectively reducing your royalty by $1.15.
  • If your book is less than 9 inches high or less than 6.12 inches wide, the effect is minimal (about 15 cents).

Check out the pricing tables on the KDP help pages. They will also have a calculator coming that will compare new and old prices. In the meantime, if you pull up the pricing page for your book, it will…

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