10 Facts Writers Need to Know to Stay Safe from Scammers – by Anne R. Allen…

With the self-publishing revolution, we were warned of a “tsunami of crap,” but the real problem is the tsunami of scammers. They seem to invent a new way to scam writers every day. Not just indies, but the traditionally published as well.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of uninformed wannabe writers who fall for them. And some scammers are so persuasive they even con established authors.

Is there anything we can we do?

Yes! Educate people!

Here are some popular cons that scammers are inflicting on writers right now:


4 thoughts on “10 Facts Writers Need to Know to Stay Safe from Scammers – by Anne R. Allen…

  1. I’ve gotten out of getting scammed a few times. I’ve also been scammed a few times.
    We must be very careful who we trust.
    If you communicate long enough with people, they will usually show their true colors.

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  2. Good article Anne, I’m tired of “we have chosen your book etc etc,” phone calls in the early hours of the morning, multiple times a week. It might be business time in the US but here in Australia I’m asleep. Now that my Mum has passed I no longer need to keep the phone by my bed. However I have a brother who has a serious medical condition and lives in the US, and I hope that by not answering the +1 US phone call I am not missing a call from him. Yeah, and I get numerous emails too, and delete those without opening.

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