The Joy of Handing Over All Your First Draft Issues To The Future You #MondayBlogs #Writer

Great advice from Lucy 😃

Lucy Mitchell Author Blog

Here’s a secret about writing first drafts which I have discovered – you can fill your first draft with plot holes, a saggy storyline, typos, bad grammar and dull chapters and then…HAND it OVER to the future you.

That’s right – you can grab your first draft with all its writing issues and hand it over to the future you. No need to worry about what you have produced.

All you do is you shove your first draft in an electronic folder or a phsyical drawer and walk away. There’s no need to burn it, bury it in the back garden or hide it away under your bed.

The future you will one day come up with a way of fixing that major plot hole. They will know what to do with those troublesome characters and they will come up with a much better ending. The future you will do…

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2 thoughts on “The Joy of Handing Over All Your First Draft Issues To The Future You #MondayBlogs #Writer

  1. I agree. Lol- though it is sometimes an exceedingly difficult job for the future you. The future me sometimes gets annoyed at the past me for not paying enough attention to the way the story is written as opposed to just telling the tale.
    The past me could be a bit more assiduous or better still a good writer rather than a really rubbish one.
    Oh well I will stop rattling on, some plonker handed me a story and the whole thing needs rewritten. Do you think the past me should pay future me for all my effort?
    The rewrites take much longer than just telling the story.
    Lazy bugger past me.

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