Point of View (POV) #1: Conventions

Story Empire

I keep seeing primers on finessing Point of View in fiction-writing, but frankly most really miss what it is, instead talking about choosing verb tenses, who is narrating (not a limiter), or having a slant without limiting it to a particular character(s). I’m also getting feedback that readers are liking how I use examples, so let’s take a serious look at exactly what is POV and how to use it in your best possible storytelling. We’ll start basic with the conventions; then in future posts I’ll expand with tricks, techniques, options and alternatives, and lots of example of how to spot what exactly you are doing and make it bend to your story-master will! As always, the feedback helps improve the posts. Thanks for sharing and supporting StoryEmpire.com!

Does Finessing POV Limit or Expand Your Options?

Point-of-View (POV, point of view) refers to a selected character’s viewpoint portrayed in a…

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