The Four Naughty Chimps…

Once upon a time, in a lush jungle, there were four mischievous chimps named Bongo, Dodo, Fifi, and Gogo. They were known as the naughtiest chimps in the jungle because they always caused trouble.

One day, Bongo had an idea. He suggested to the others that they should pull a prank on the other animals in the jungle. Dodo, Fifi, and Gogo were thrilled with the idea and quickly agreed to help.

Their first prank was to steal all the fruits from the other animals’ homes. They crept into the other animals’ homes while they were sleeping and took all the fruits they could find. They then hid the fruits in their own treehouse.

The next day, when the other animals woke up and found that their fruits were missing, they immediately knew who was responsible. They all gathered outside the chimp’s treehouse, and when they found the stolen fruits, they started shouting at the four naughty chimps.

Bongo, Dodo, Fifi, and Gogo thought it was funny until they realized that they had upset the other animals. The four naughty chimps apologized and promised never to do it again.

However, the next day, the four mischievous chimps were at it again. This time, they thought it would be funny to paint themselves like zebras and scare the other animals. They thought it would be hilarious to see the other animals running away in fear.

But their plan backfired. The other animals didn’t run away. Instead, they recognized the four naughty chimps right away and started chasing them. The chimps ran as fast as they could, but they were eventually caught.

The other animals forgave the four naughty chimps, but they warned them never to pull such pranks of stealing and trying to frighten other creatures again. Bongo, Dodo, Fifi, and Gogo were embarrassed and ashamed. They realised that they had been foolish and promised not to do such bad things again.

But although they kept THAT promise they couldn’t resist playing other kinds of pranks from time to time.

Full disclosure: Everything written above, apart from minor adjustments by me to change the story ending, was written by an AI ChatGPT program using my text prompt: ‘Write a children’s story about four naughty chimps, give them different funny names, who do two naughty pranks, show how the other animals deal with them.’

The image was generated by an AI Art Generator using my text prompt.


17 thoughts on “The Four Naughty Chimps…

  1. I’ve found it useful for brainstorming, editing, copy ad (some) and blurbs(some), and answering questions. When you ask it to write something, it’s much like a first draft. But when you ask it to edit it tells you that you need more scensory description, more flavor. Ask it to edit that story and see what you get. It’s like anything else, the more you give it, the more you get from it.

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  2. Not to mention the fact that zebras don’t scare anyone. I have been experimenting with ChatGPT and find most of the outputs to be not very well developed. If you are looking for non-fiction or historical references, then Chat GPT is pretty good.

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  3. Hi Chris. What I said about the first story stands. The information you gave the AI had a huge amount to do with what you got back from it, even before you tweaked it. I thought it was a cute, fun children’s story. Again I stress “children’s story”. Also, I have no doubt that without your disclaimer, the response would have been much different. But credit where it’s due — at least the disclaimer was read.
    By the way, I’m using another set of the 3 things you gave me in this weekend’s episode of my serial. Ha. I guess I’m a human AI (yes that concept is twisted and confused) spitting out stories based on random input. 😀 Hugs-

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  4. I agree that excitement and tension and a moral to the story are missing. I recently introduced my husband to CHAT GPT to help him write an article on wild flower meadows. It did a great job with references, but it was not story telling. Which is why it worked.

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