New Release: Happiness is a Warm Cat – by Emily Gmitter and her feline friend, Zoe…

In Happiness is a Warm Cat, author Emily Gmitter and her feline friend, Zoe, serve up a mixed genre of short stories and poems brimming with passion, love, and humor.

The majority of the stories are told from the perspective of her cat, Zoe—a cool cat of perspicacity if ever there was one.

Zoe’s stories will make you laugh, cry, and occasionally scratch your head in wonder, while Emily’s stories of fiction and nonfiction mingle humor with a sharp poignancy that you’ll find both heartwarming and entertaining.



Author Bio:

Emily lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts. She loves to spend alone-time at the beach,

fun-time singing at local karaoke clubs, and the rest of her time engaged in activities with family

and friends … when she’s not reading, writing, or painting.



11 thoughts on “New Release: Happiness is a Warm Cat – by Emily Gmitter and her feline friend, Zoe…

    • Zoe and I thank you, Jan! And just by the way, I responded when I first clicked on “like”….to the comments by you and the other lovely folk here that have taken the time to post. But only my likes and none of my comments are visible; at least they are not to me. I know I’ve been “away” from blogland for a while now, but geez! How hard could it be to post a reply to a comment? (I won’t tell you what Zoe just muttered, LOL)…anyway, I am trying again. We’ll see if this one goes through.

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    • Miss Annette, thank you for your kind comment! I think it is. Of course, being gracious as well as fabulous, and as I say in one of my first stories, I did allow Emily to include some of her material, but I hope readers will still find it entertaining. ::::Cheshire grin::: (Hey, it’s my job to poke fun at my human, but I do love ‘er!!)

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