Writer’s Corner: Accessibility = More Readers

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Caracature of a woman typing on a computer at a messy desk.
Text: Writer's Corner with Kaye Lynne Booth

Did you know that there is a large audience of readers, which many authors are overlooking with their books? It’s true. Visually impaired and those with other disabilities are limited in the availability of reading materials which they can access, and authors are limiting themselves if they exclude this vast potential audience.

As a publisher, I have worked with several print disabled authors, who have helped to educate me on the why making my content accessible is important and how to better reach the members of this very large community of potential readers. Patty Fletcher is a visually impaired author who works hard to make her blog content and books accessible to the visually impaired community of readers, and she advocates to educate her fellow authors on this important subject. She points out that the size of this potential audience is immense, “with millions of impaired or disabled readers, who…

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3 thoughts on “Writer’s Corner: Accessibility = More Readers

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I learned log ago the importance of alt txt but these days I find myself rushing and not filling in that box. I will make a point to do it and do it correctly. Thanks again!

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