Homonyms with Harmony, Part 2–American and British English Conventions

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Image byGerd AltmannfromPixabay

Hi SErs! It’s a day of Harmony here at Story Empire 🙂 Today, as promised in Homonyms with Harmony Part 1–Introduction, I’d like to share with you some common differences between US and UK spellings as well as word usage. And, as this is Admin Professional’s Day, what better time than to make sure we write it right?!

Words at War:

In my book on how to self-edit, Polish Your Prose, (Booklinker has stopped working just now, so instead of a universal link, here are the US and UK links in case it still isn’t working when you click on it. Sorry.) I have a whole chapter devoted to this common uncommon language. In this post, I’ll share the tables and information I made for this topic.

NOTE: While this post focusses on American versus British English, I would like to…

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