Action Scene Do’s And Don’ts

K.M. Allan

Whether your book is full of action scenes, or requires just one, getting the balance right is a skill worthy of any writer, and can be achieved with some simple do’s and don’ts!

Action Scene Do’s And Don’ts

Do Make Things Clear

There’s nothing worse than reading an action scene and not being able to work out what’s going on. Where characters are standing, who is present, and where the scene takes place should, at a minimum, be crystal clear to your readers.

If you’re not sure yourself, sketch out a diagram of the space and where your characters are standing. Plan things out in steps:

1) Villain enters through the back door.

2) MC is in the kitchen.

3) Side character is coming down the stairs.

Map out in your mind where everyone starts and where they move as the scene progresses. Once it’s all visualized and planned in…

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