6 New Agents Seeking Literary Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Nonfiction, Kidlit, YA and more – by Erica Verrillo…

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Here are six new literary agents actively seeking clients. New agents are a boon to writers. They are actively building their lists, and will go the extra mile for their clients.

All of these agents work for established agencies with good track records. They are looking for everything from pop culture to fantasy.

Ms. Daisy Chandley Is actively building a list of both fiction and non-fiction authors across a range of genres.

On the non-fiction side, I’m looking for bold new insights and underrepresented voices on popular science, nature writing, relationships, social issues and politics, and am always especially interested in fresh, playful and exciting writing on pop culture, love and the internet. I’d also love to see illuminating narrative non-fiction, whether a beautiful and lyrical exploration, or an enthralling and explosive deep-dive.

With fiction, my reading broadly falls into two main categories: sharp, witty and clever novels across a range of genres with just the right balance of emotion and edge, and things with a darker side, be it unputdownable thrillers, mysteries, or even a good old-fashioned ghost story. Whether it’s a delightfully fun and scandalous page-turner, or something more literary and experimental, if it’s stylish and smart, I’d love to see it. And I must admit – I’m an absolute sucker for a really good twist.

Roma Panganiban Roma’s taste leans literary, but she is open to a broad range of fiction, including novels and collections that embrace genre elements—speculative, historical, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy—as well as those that defy categorization altogether. She values prose that is thoughtful, clear, clever, and beautiful; compelling, idiosyncratic voices; and fresh, unexpected perspectives, particularly those of writers from underrepresented communities.

Roma is also interested in narrative nonfiction that reorients our understanding of history, culture, science, society, education, and ourselves, whether by established experts or fiercely curious upstarts, as well as creative nonfiction that appeals equally to the heart, mind, and sense of humor.

In children’s fiction, Roma prefers more high-concept, plot-driven MG and more introspective, character- and voice-driven YA, especially featuring protagonists who don’t often see themselves as the main character. In children’s nonfiction, she looks for books that help young readers better understand each other, themselves, and the universe around them.

Chandler Wickers is interested in representing adult fiction and non-fiction. In fiction, she is drawn to voice-driven literary fiction with a strong sense of place, and novels featuring coming of age stories, family sagas, and dark humor. In non-fiction, she is interested in journalism that flows like a good novel, comprehensive histories, war reporting, and adventure stories. As a San Francisco native and Brooklyn transplant, she is keen on stories that intersect tech and pop culture, and narratives that demystify a subculture or reveal an underbelly.
Ms. Kiya Evans For fiction, Kiya is looking for: historical, reading group, literary, upmarket millennial, romcoms, and thrillers/psychological fiction. For non-fiction, Kiya is looking for: Narrative non-fiction that explores psychology, popular history or science. Kiya would love to see… a fresh take on the classic love story, something steeped in gothic tones or dark academia, and queer stories in all their forms.
Ms. Jess Hoare Jess is looking to represent both fiction and non-fiction, she’s interested in literary fiction, voice-driven upmarket fiction, food writing, narrative non-fiction, journalism, and cultural criticism.
Caroline Miranda Caroline is looking to represent diverse voices in speculative fiction, in both the children’s and adult markets, as well as select nonfiction. In fiction, Caroline is interested in representing gothic horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Within those genres, she particularly enjoys high-concept, plot-driven work with strong world-building, character development, and compelling emotional stakes. Caroline is also seeking short stories in any speculative genre collected around a theme and with a strong sense of purpose.
As for Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, Caroline gravitates to lovable casts of characters, coming-of-age stories, and adventure plots.
In nonfiction, Caroline is looking for engrossing narrative nonfiction with an intersectional perspective that guides readers through history or science in an approachable and deeply personal way.

Always check the agency website and agent bio before submitting. Agents can switch agencies or close their lists, and submission requirements can change.

NOTEDon’t submit to several agents at the same agency simultaneously. If one rejects you, you may then submit to another. (Some small agencies share. Be alert to a notice that “a no from one is a no from all.”)

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