Story Verbing Part 2

Story Empire

Greetings, Story Empire mavens! Today’s post is the second half of Story Verbing. If you missed Part 1, find it here: We’ll build on some of the examples in the first part. Sure, choosing the best verbs sounds simple, but you might be impressed with the possibilities. Smash that comment button and let me know what’s working or not with my posts. Remember to share and spread the word about Story Empire and this fine group of authors working to help you put out your best possible stories!

Now that we are avoiding UPOVRs (Unnecessary Point-of-View Reminders), using the active voice, avoiding BE verbs, and choosing action verbs, it’s time to:

Add Personality

Obvious when describing a sentient being, the art of adding personality proves more challenging with objects and concepts. However, carefully chosen personality-suggesting verbs substantially enhance the vividness of objects and their relationship to the setting…

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