When No One Reads Your Writing – What Can You Do? – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

It is disheartening when you believe no one reads your writing, and it can lead to self-doubt, lack of motivation, or even quitting.

Writing is a challenging art that requires a lot of dedication, creativity, and effort.

You need passion and commitment, but sometimes you might get the feeling that it’s a bit like talking to yourself.

But before you think about giving up, here are a few suggestions to help you find more readers for your writing.

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8 thoughts on “When No One Reads Your Writing – What Can You Do? – by Derek Haines…

  1. It’s a concern for all of us. Some days it’s hard to even get words down on that page because you’re not sure anyone even cares but you do it anyways. If only for that one reader who might appreciate it.

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