How to Write a Short Story Spin-Off from Your Novel – By Rayne Hall…

on Fiction University:

Part of the Focus on Short Fiction Series


JH: Short stories can be a fantastic marketing tool for your novel. Rayne Hall shows you how to use your novels to create short story spin-offs. 

Do you want to create short stories as spin-offs from your novel? This can be a great marketing strategy. When readers who discover your short story on your website or in an anthology and love it, they will look for more fiction by this author. This can strengthen your reputation as an author and boost your novel’s sales.

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2 thoughts on “How to Write a Short Story Spin-Off from Your Novel – By Rayne Hall…

  1. I like this idea, especially the prospect of turning a ‘rabbit hole’ into a story in its own right. Sometimes these rabbit holes enhance the main story [without being critical to it], and sometimes they can take the place of backstory without being tedious. 🙂

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