Why Fear Is a Terrible Friend … and How to Crush It – by Nicki Howell…

on Live Write Thrive:

“I’m scared.”

That’s what my four-year-old said, squeezing my hand tight as we cranked our heads upward at the towering waterslide. People screamed. Water slushed over the side. He wasn’t wrong … it was a little terrifying.

Fear was speaking to him.

“Don’t do it—it’s too dangerous,” it whispered.

Of course, that’s fear’s job. It wants to keep you safely tucked inside your comfort zone, far away from any risks or (gasp!) danger.

The problem is that fear is overambitious in its quest to keep you safe. And, at times, a little toxic too.

It whispers things like:

Don’t send your book proposal. It’s not ready.

Your writing isn’t good enough.

Who do you think you are?

Other writers are so much better, why even try?

Fear pretends to be your friend, but really it’s just wedging itself between you and everything you want.

If it were a real friend, what would you do?

Probably stop taking its calls.

So are you ready to break up with fear? Here are a few practical tips to give it the boot.

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