Genre Tips: How to Write Horror – by Oliver Fox…

on Helping Writers become Authors:

Note From KMW: I’ve been delighted to hear that so many of you have enjoyed the “Genre Tips” we’ve been exploring these past five weeks.

Today, I’m happy to share a surprise post to finish off the series! Welcome to “How to Write Horror.”

As you may remember, I crafted the series around the five major genres to which I felt I could bring value (those being FantasyRomanceHistoricalMystery, and Literary). One major genre I did not feel qualified to write about, simply because I don’t read or watch much of it, is Horror. In response to my mentioning this in the series’ opening post, Horror aficionado Oliver Fox stepped up to go deep in a guest post on this popular genre.

Today, I’m happy to share with you a thought-provoking and thorough examination of this archetypal genre. 

In the post, Oliver talks about important tips and tricks for structure and theme in Horror, as well as the symbolic “character triad” of the Haunted House, the Average Joe, and the Monster.

Keep reading for more!

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