What is “Bad Writing?” (And How Can We Avoid It?) – By Janice Hardy…

on Fiction University:

“Bad writing” means different things to different readers.

We writers notice bad writing far more easily than readers, because we know the rules. For us, the writing is critical, but for a reader, it’s more about the story.
Readers don’t care how the sausage is made as long as it tastes good. And “good” is very subjective.
No matter what genre you write, I bet you can name a few huge, mega-bestsellers you feel are badly written. Every genre has them. And they drive us crazy as writers because “writers must write well” is drilled into our heads by everyone in the writing and publishing industry.
In one way it’s true—we should strive to write well to be successful.
In another way it’s not—a fantastic story that resonates with readers will trump “good writing” every time.
And this is when the serious hair pulling starts. It’s such a contradiction that “badly written books” with good stories sell. It goes against everything we’re taught, and makes us crazy (and a little depressed) when we run across it.

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