9 New Agents Seeking Cookbooks, Kidlit, Nonfiction, YA, Literary and Genre Fiction, Memoir and more – by Erica Verrillo…

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Here are nine new literary agents actively seeking writers. New agents are a boon to writers. They are actively building their lists, and will go the extra mile for their clients.

All of these agents work for established agencies with good track records. They are looking for everything from cookbooks to thrillers.

Ms. Danielle Matta gravitates towards inclusive fiction and non-fiction with distinct, lyrical storytelling and—being first-generation herself—underrepresented voices of diasporic and immigrant communities. She also loves an unorthodox ghost story or psychological thriller.

Ms. Erika Stevens is looking for projects that excite, invigorate, and surprise in the genres of poetry, literary nonfiction/essay, literary and experimental fiction, hybrid work, translation, criticism, music writing (à la Ellen Willis), and food writing/cookbooks (à la Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor and MFK Fisher). In the realm of children’s literature, she’s looking for picture books and books for early readers that speak to children with gender-expansive identities and families.

Ms. Elise Howard is generally not looking for genre fiction, but she may take on a book with a great love story at its heart or one with elements of fantasy. She is looking for a twisty, well-done mystery, especially if it features a great new sleuth with many stories to tell. She’s also eager to represent eye-opening narrative non-fiction, particularly stories of the natural world, visible or invisible, including the human mind and body, or of people and events.

Ms. Christie Megill is eager to work with illustrators, author/illustrators, and picture book authors, offering long-term support in their careers and creative journeys. Please send her: children’s illustration portfolios, picture book dummies, picture book manuscripts, children’s graphic novel pitches, and the select chapter book project. While her taste is broad, she’s especially excited to find fresh stories and artwork from voices that have previously been underrepresented.

Ms. Lola Bellier is drawn to narratives that explore larger truths within unique settings. She loves an element of surprise and is fond of stories with a touch of speculative, magical realism, or something that’s just a little off. General themes she gravitates towards are family dynamics, complex friendships, and reflections on one’s place in the world.
For Young Adult and Middle Grade, Lola is drawn to opinionated characters whose journeys force them, and the reader, to rethink what they thought they knew.
Mr. Gideon Pine is primarily interested representing nonfiction, with a focus on big idea books, unknown histories, and anything sports related. On the fiction side, thrillers and romance novels are always welcome.

Ms. Aliza Hoover represents illustrators and author-illustrators. She is looking for visual storytellers with distinctive, unique portfolios that will stand out in a crowded market. She is drawn to work that showcases expressive characters, timeless palettes, and atmospheric scenes. She will happily review your comics, book cover designs, and picture book dummies.

Aliza believes in a world where all young people can see themselves reflected in children’s books. She is particularly interested in illustrators from diverse backgrounds and portfolios that depict diverse characters and experiences.

Ms. Maria Brannan has very wide ranging tastes in fiction and is interested in writing for adult, new adult/crossover and YA readers.

She loves character-driven novels with a commercial bent that spark imagination or discussion. In particular she has a passion for genre fiction – especially fantasy with memorable characters and great world-building

Ms. Daniele Hunter is looking for (in order of priority) young adult, middle grade, and picture books.

Always check the agency website and agent bio before submitting. Agents can switch agencies or close their lists, and submission requirements can change. 

NOTEDon’t submit to several agents at the same agency simultaneously. If one rejects you, you may then submit to another. (Some small agencies share. Be alert to a notice that “a no from one is a no from all.”)

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