Writing the End – Part V

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Greetings Storytellers. I’m back with my final thoughts on how to end our books. So far, in this series, we’ve covered:

  • Part I – Why Endings are Important
  • Part II and Part III – 8 Common Ways to End a Story, and
  • Part IV – 7 Elements for a Satisfying Ending

In this post, Part V, we’re going to browse through the final 7 elements that contribute to a satisfying ending for our readers.

In the last post we touched on:

  • Know how your book will end
  • Write a logical ending
  • Write a satisfying ending
  • End with a sense of finality
  • Know when to end
  • Last impressions matter
  • Keep things fresh

This time we’ll cover:

  • Avoid Deus ex Machina endings
  • The plot twist
  • Highlight your protagonist
  • Narrow your protagonist’s path
  • The brink of failure
  • Transformation
  • Add a little hope

Tips for Writing an Awesome Ending (8-14)

8. Avoid Deus ex…

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