A Few Good Writing Tips to Keep You on Your Toes – by Melissa Donovan…

on Writing Forward:

Have you ever gotten stuck in a writing project, and just when your frustration reached its peak, you heard some bit of sage advice that helped you see how to move forward?

There aren’t many writing problems that a few good writing tips can’t solve. Whether you need to develop your voice or use fewer clichés, quick tips can contain exactly the wisdom you need.

I keep a file of quotes by authors so I can refer to their expertise when I need it. I also have several books, notebooks, and other documents filled with writing tips and techniques, and I like to review these every so often to see what I need to bring into my own work. In many cases, these tips are just quick reminders of all the lessons I’ve learned before.

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A Collection of Good Writing Tips


6 thoughts on “A Few Good Writing Tips to Keep You on Your Toes – by Melissa Donovan…

  1. Accountability is important–to yourself and to others. Whenever I “announce” in front of someone else that I’m going to write or finish something, that usually gets me over the hurdle. Thanks for posting. Great pieces of advice.

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